Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Lost Parts Are Now Found

Those Who Slumber:
My son has been having nightmares about Bigfoot.  He watches the show on TV.
He had a chance to ask an incarnated Ascended One--about things Spiritual, namely, Bigfoot and the Yeti.
His interest was high, and he was open.
Until she started to let him know who is is and where he is from in his soul signature.
His body language was fascinating. 
He got up from sitting next to me and looking at the computer.
He went to turn on the TV.
Then he left to go pee.
It's the same for the children of my friend.
It's the way the brain is organized by the media--to shut down in the face of what the media does not want one to know.
There is a concern among the Galactics, along the lines of 'you can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink'.
The energies of Ascension are with us.
But people are too absorbed in their day to day activityto take notice and wake up.
For a mom, you have to shake your child to wake them.
Is this not what the Micahs of the world, and the sick kitties and puppies we pray for,  are here to do? To shake the heart open, and to make those who are asleep, reconnect to Source?

Liar by Three Dog Night (rare clip)

this is what people are going to say when they wake the heck up and take a look around LOL

Tell It To You Straight Up:
Hello. This is Ross. My Carla is wanting to awaken others. And yet, how profoundly difficult this is proving to us to be.
Despite the aura-to-aura transmission Carla knows is unstoppable in sparking the Light from one heart to another, there is complacency on the part of others who are wanting to 'sleep in' when faced with the Light of Day.
Those who enjoy their lives and 'what is happening in the world' are often the last to experience when a true change is happening.
Is it not like those who dress according to their generation in light of the fashion of the times, no matter how outdated is their appearance?
That is where we are at right now.
There is Carla and you, the soon-to-be awakened, and the awake...and ....everybody else.
How are we to take that which keeps those who slumber asleep--the anesthetic if you will--away without causing panic?
It cannot be sudden. That will cause fear and keep more people entrenched in the system.
The answer is Love.
From your heart. And your smile.
I want you to keep smiling and loving in all you do.
Give that heartfelt smile to everyone you meet. They will feel the love energy in your heart.
That way everyone will awaken gently, and without a start, from what to us appears as an unpleasant dream--that of duality and the third dimension.
There is no other way besides this.
We --myself, Carla, Ashtar and all of my crew of the New Jerusalem (that is our ship--we named it when names like that were still popular--I apologize for it not being 'trendy and awesome)--we will back you in your efforts one hundred percent.

Until we meet, I am yours truly...

*this was sent to us by our Cousin Sandy, who was our Beloved Cousin in a past life. It is a miracle, and we are very pleased and filled with gratitude for her kindness to us both. It has been a long hard road for all of us, hasn't it?  Carla's boy will be the most thankful of them all. At the beginning when Carla was upset and shocked, in his child's mind, he thought he had erased the entire blog and all her years of work. Although she politely explained it to him, I had to talk sternly to him when he did not want to go with her to the breakfast place that I had sent to cheer her up. I asked him why he would treat his mother like that? And his answer was, 'I'm just that way'. I let him know I would allow him to get a ball from Target, after. He is a good son--headstrong and feisty--and I love him very much as if he were my own. I talk to him, just like I do Carla, and I watch over them always with my heart. I am coming to meet the two of them in a short while, and I am very happy and excited to have this honor for which I have waited for so long. It will be my best day that I ever had, in all of my lifetimes, to reunite with her once more. Right now, soon, Carla will go to sleep and I will follow her as her astral body leaves and her 'life' as we know it and have experienced it in the higher realms. In the morning she shall return refreshed and complete with more understanding which she is meant to share with you, dear readers, our Ones we give thanks for, our Lightworkers with the hearts so very wide open, like our Cousin who brought this message to you.


I will sign off for both of us now,

Carla and her honey, Ross.