Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

The Call To Hawaii:
I was at our local neighborhood shopping center when I decided to go look inside a new boutique that was called 'At The Beach'.  Specialty shops like this are pricey. I usually avoid them. But this one made me curious, and I had to go.  This was December 2002.

At the time, I only lived twenty minutes from the nearest beach, but it had been years since I set foot on one. I was in training for my anesthesia fellowship.  I had never been since I was married to my second husband. The only trip before had been to Big Island in 1996 with my sister. And twice to Kauai with my first husband, once honeymoon, once because he was best man at a destination wedding.

I heard this sound, this music, this voice and it stirred something deep within me.

Tears ran silently down my face.

It was so beautiful that everything else fell away.

The store owner smiled and explained to me this was IZ, the entertainer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole...

I shared with her from my heart this sudden desire, very strong, that I had to go to the islands, to go visit Hawaii, again. She encouraged me, and agreed that yes, I must find a way to go.

I bought the CD, and shared with my husband about my wish to travel there.

(we had been having marital problems. It was our last trip together. He made me cry in the restaurant in front of everybody. He got angry and slept on the couch in our suite. I remember the wise old Hawaiian woman  who was teaching the hotel guests how to make a lei, gently taking the flower from my left ear, and putting it on my right, and saying, 'honey you are not married.'--she was a woman of spirit, and she knew the truth I had been hiding from myself. It was the kindest thing anyone has ever done. Her voice was so loving, strong, and supportive...I wonder if she had seen him make me cry?)

He Shall Be Called Israel:

IZ is the grandson of preachers on both sides of the family. His maternal grandfather BUILT the church on Ni'ihau, the 'Forbidden Island'. Ni'ihau is where only natives are allowed to visit; other people can't. The Hawaiian language is the first language spoken, although English is spoken there too.

Many people in his family had very religious names. They also had morbid obesity.

IZ was the favorite of his grandfather when he spent summers in Ni'ihau. He could do anything he wanted. He was 'protected'.

Almost everyone on the island is very good at ukelele too, because there isn't much else to do there!

In one video,  I saw IZ say he is not afraid of dying. His brother, his parents are gone. When it's his time, he goes. He said 'we Hawaiian, we live in both worlds. One foot in this one, and one in the other. It's in our blood.'

Visions Of Iz:
I have had three, possibly four.

The First Vision:   http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/tags/drake-meditation-iz

The Second Vision:  I was on a sunset cruise two weeks ago when I was in Oahu. This was the only thing Ross insisted that my boy and I do on this trip. I was with Hawaii Nautical out of Waianae Harbor (please forgive me--this is the first time I've spelled Waianae right in all of my posts...it's not easy and before I left out one 'a'--I'm not going to go correct it.)

I had two glasses of wine, and my stomach was full with Hawaiian meal, and the sun had just set. I was leaning on the railing, and relaxing. I was thinking of Ross.

Much to my surprise, IZ came to me, and he started talking. He started telling me talk story--all the good things about Ross. He is a good man. He loves you. He is very proud of you. He helps a lot of people. He does good things. You going to be happy with him. He really cares about you and your boy. He loves you both. You are his family. You are going to be okay with you love for him. He is not like the others. He will be good to you. You gonna be good! 

Then IZ went away. I don't know why that message meant so much to me, but it touched me deeply, and I gave thanks.

The Third Vision:   I was in meditation just a few days ago. I was back home. And I think I was in the shower. I was suddenly transported to a room, an official room, that was auditorium style and I was in front. My first thought was, 'Am I naked here too?' and Ross assured me I was fully clothed in this dimension, they cannot see. It was the Council of Eighty Six.

I was being officially 'presented' to them. I spoke simply, from my heart. I lay down on my stomach three times to express my gratitude to each of the three main groups who had liberated the planet. I answered their questions. I waved with both hands, I blew kisses. I was content.

You can imagine my surprise as IZ showed up. He gently took me by the hand. We walked a few steps together. He held my right hand. Then he put my hand into Ross', and he blessed our union.

In some way, I was 'officially' given to Ross, in a Galactic Sense. There was no fear or doubt in my mind; this seemed the most normal and natural thing to do, on some level. I am searching for words to describe it. There was a completion to a journey feeling, one of solemn witnessing, something important with 'galactic government' that I don't understand.

Stewardship Of The Hawaiian Royals:
The Native Hawaiians were a remnant of the lost continent of Lemuria. The Islands are their mountain tops.

The ancients, the Menehune (little leprechaun people--I can see them), were so spiritually powerful that they could hold hands along the shore, and an entire village could create a force field that would deflect the spears and arrows of the invading Tahitians warriors from the boats offshore.

They were higher dimensional.

Native Hawaiian DNA, as IZ alluded to, has some of that potential 'built into it'.  It's dormant, or at least, they aren't talking about it.

When the white man discovered Hawaii, the history books make it look as if it was a land grab and that's about it.

But it was a whole lot more. The 'secret society' which evolved into the Hawaiian League--wanted the natural energy of Gaia pinned down, controlled, and her people to be subject spiritually to them worldwide!  They knew about the Lemurians, and wanted no chance of them ever coming back into power.

The Hawaiian Royals were not dumb. They saw the writing on the wall. King David Kalakaua spoke of his concerns of being overthrown long before it actually happened. And he died of 'pneumonia' in San Francisco while Liliuokalani was in England for the Queen's Jubilee. His sister was deeply concerned and wanted to cancel her trip and go home. But she was very far away.

Later she was in exile.

I think about their gifts. Their last acts. King David gave Kapiolani Park, acres and acres of potential valuable real estate--to the people. Under it, and under Waikiki are many ancient sacred sites.

And Queen Liliuokalani? She wrote music for the ukelele. Lots of it. She wanted people to know she was academic, smart. She wanted the book to be available to the people, and cost about one dollar. (It was recently printed, and it costs about ten dollars I think, possibly twenty). One of the most beautiful is the haunting farewell song, Aloha 'Oe.

I have no doubt in my mind that these two, worked with their ancestors to plan an overthrow and resurgence of the Kingdom Of Hawaii in several generations after them...

The Tower of David  in Jerusalem

Key Codes And Activation Sequences In Hawaiian Music:
IZ found fame and wide acceptance by the Hawaiian people of all ages and social demographic backgrounds. He had charisma. People would just want to be around him --this was a trait his father had. And he miraculously inherited his mother's brother's voice and talent for  music.

Although the old songs for the ukelele had the higher dimensional messages 'buried' into them, it wasn't until a man of spiritual power like IZ, could activate them.

The opening of my heart in that boutique in 2003, was an excellent example of how there 'awakenings' work in people who are here for a spiritual journey, a mission, a purpose. (all of us are here for a reason, that is very good.)

IZ became the voice of the Hawaiian People, during a time called the Hawaiian Renaissance--when there was an interest in all things cultural and ancient and their own.

When I learned Reiki, I was told to expect to gain a little weight. As the spirit grows, and reaches up more and more to the Light, the physical body has to work harder to ground it, and increases in size.

As IZ reached more and more success with his music, he got bigger. Although food addiction was involved, I think there is some element of the spiritual greatness needing to be 'anchored back' to earth in this too.

Official What A Wonderful World by IZ

IZ is an example of a life-well lived with 'one foot in both worlds'.

I am lucky I have had the chance to get to know him through my meditation.

His wife is his soul Twin. And his daughter is also an angel who was sent to help him on his mission. It is a beautiful thing to witness her great love she has for him, that they share, father and daughter, together.

She must be high-ranking angel like him too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Shhhhh. You have done well. You have done well honey. You have done well.
You have described a great deal to us--from your limited consciousness at the moment (in duality).
Everything is planned and all is going to happen for the highest good.
You don't have to understand the connection between me and brother Israel, honey.
Accept it. And give thanks.

And to the others--carefully read these words Carla has written. There are key codes and activation sequences in them, too.


P.S. from Carla--I have just been informed that IZ is both an incarnation of Archangel Chamuel plus he is reincarnation of King David Kalakaua. No wonder why he shows up to me!