Friday, July 25, 2014

Praying Without Words

Sometimes spirit guides me not to pick a music station on the computer/iphone for a c-section.

The last time this happened, I had a very anxious patient. I kept the room silent, and as the anxiety kicked in--before I offered versed (an anxiolytic)--I offered 'your choice in music' if that would help make you more comfortable?

Yup. It was the Praise and Worship station that was requested.

After my tour of Pearl Harbor, after I got the music playing, I couldn't help but notice the similar pronunciation of Worship and Warship...was that on purpose by whoever invented those words???

I don't knock any religion if it brings someone closer to God--Spirit--The Divine...there's no point. And there's even a song I adore that got played right as the baby was born in the operating room. I'll add that one at the end.

I have to be really careful now. People like comfort. They like to think they have everything 'all figured out'. And 'what I was told when I was little' is the be-all, end-all for the religious experience.

And for just as many people who support the perpetuation of the idea of a vengeful God who acts like the pointing finger in the clouds, judging people...there are even more who have been so deeply WOUNDED by this 'faith'--of any denomination,  mind you--that the mere mention of God or Jesus makes them 'unlike' the page and write really angry comments in the comments section.

Does this boy know anything about religion, theology, the wars that were fought and the millions and millions who have been raped, tortured and killed 'in the name of God'?

Does this boy even know 'all the right words' with which to pray?

I doubt he has memorized anything like an Our Father or a Hail Mary, if he is Catholic.

Can he even spell the words he uses? Or read? Or write?

But his prayers are heard...

This is the image the Divine Creator wants to share with you--just someplace in Florida that is beautiful and lovely.

It has perfect balance of water and land and air and sunshine.

Where are the words in this picture?

There is only the music of the breeze in the tall grass, the animals and birds and fishes and frogs...and the crickets...

Open your heart to The Divine.

I did it, just a short while ago, today. I was like, God? (I call him God--it's easy for me--but I know the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in perfect balance are implied when I call 'him' that.)

I was like, God? I think I left my heart in Oahu and I don't know what to do...I don't even know where to begin God, but please? Help!

And I let go. I didn't judge. I didn't question. I let all my feelings that were so difficult to find words for--I let them out of my heart and float up to connect to Creator...

God listens--even when you can't find the right words to say.

Creator listens  to the message your heart has directly for him but you can't put into words--anguish, suffering, confusion, loneliness, aching for home.

And Creator cares very very very much about YOU.

Ross asks me to share the conversation we had yesterday at 41,000 feet altitude.
(this is only for if you are interested--the teaching point of this post is already made <3 )

Ross: who are those kids on the flight with you?

C:  Two actors. One I hoped would be on the plane with our son said there were two from this, um, entertainment industry on the plane. I like the little Indian kid, with the lizard, from the pet store I got our ball python.

Ross: what do you think?

C: they were working. The one made eye contact with me as I had to go get the charger for our kid’s iPad, then a second time again because the outlet doesn’t work for iPad with USB port--to get the plug thingy.

Ross: what was that moment of eye contact?

C: recognition. As in the actor recognized me—and smiled!

Ross: And?

C: Where are the parents? The people who are with them do not look like them. Their energy is not very nice at all, and the kids are very quiet and withdrawn. (the guy next to the one actor by the overhead compartment had just gone up to the restroom and the seat was empty.)

Ross: And?

C:  Well the show they were on, 'Jess C'…before we knew about well…things we know…our son used to watch the show often. But that was two years ago, and shows with child actors tend to well, not run very long. So I would think that they are due for a change in their show soon.

Ross: How did they feel?

C:  The Indian one just sleeps—LOL—has same headphones and same color as me. And the other, well, very pleasant.

Ross: What does that say?

C:  It is ironic because I just threw away my last shoes with the ‘famous mouse’ on them while I was packing last night and am now officially ‘that company merchanside-free’. Then I see these nice kids on my flight with me.

Ross:  Do you think they are…you know?  Officially like, um…the others?

C:  I can’t say. Except for the no parents part, They seem perfectly normal in every way.

Ross: what do you think about us? me and you?

C:   We’re normal too!

Ross:  And?  What do they think about us?

C:  The same thing I think about them, I suppose?

Ross:  So talk about the in-flight movie—the one you hesitated to watch, and didn’t watch the ending because it would upset you.

C:  I wasn’t expecting it. And the eyes of the lead actor matched exactly the eyes I saw when I was in the shower yesterday—the same eyebrows and nose and eyes! (not the first set of eyes I already wrote about. These I just drew in my journal, and came almost a week after the first ones.)

Ross:  Did I appear normal in that movie?

C:   No, not at all. And there was no character development. It didn’t do you service.

Ross:  And you? What did you think about your character in the movie?

C:  I couldn’t tell anyone who I was except the old woman who handed the baby to the mother at the beginning. That one got me right. Old, kind, caring, skillful…

Ross:  And what did you think about the parts that made you upset?

C:  Well, they got more attention and development than the star!

Ross:   Why?

C:   To document the political horror and what you were up against, perhaps?

Ross:  (touches finger to tip of nose and smiles—that means I got it right).  Well?

C:  It was daunting. Oppressive. Scheming to say the least.

Ross:  How about the healings?

C:   If you ask me it was written by someone who hasn’t got a clue about true energy work. It’s all for the senses and not for the heart.

Ross:  Why do you say this? I thought they were nicely done.

C:  I guess you are right.

Ross:   I guess?! LOL.

C:   They were too quick, honey. And I could have recited along with them. There was nothing ‘new’.

Ross: How could there be anything new to my story?

C:  The truth.

Ross:   About what?

C:  That many days were very humdrum. That there were flies all over everything. It was dusty and hot. And we were very happy together. That you studied. A great deal. The film makes it look like you pull a rabbit out of a hat when the truth is that anyone with this amount of training combined with the consciousness can do what you did and more!

Ross:  (acts mocked surprised, smiles, and starts to clap slowly) And what was the message of my life?

C:  Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s a wonderful life out there—it has to do with your thinking, and what you project. 

Ross:  That means EVERYTHING to me, your saying that!  I’m so glad someone ‘gets the message’!

C:  Is there anything else to say, honey?

Ross:   There isn’t.

C:  May I ask for one special favor, honey? Please?

Ross:  I will give you anything you want. What?

C:  Will you please give a special healing to those child actors, no matter what they are, so they may find their Light and use their celebrity for their highest good? Not saying that they ‘are’ or ‘they aren’t’—just in case if they ‘are’, they might need a little extra blessings in the you-know-what ‘department’.

Ross:  I give this freely what you ask, both to you—my extra special blessing—and to them.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc (Carla) and Ross

P.S. I just went to use the bathroom right after the Indian actor. As I sat down, my boy mentioned he wanted to go say ‘hello’, ask him if he was that actor from the show, and if it was okay, if he could take a picture with him at the airport please?

The actor was most kind, and even shook his hand. It would be no problem to take the picture at the airport.  Ross? You work fast! And that is plenty of blessing for me. Mahalo nui loa….thank you for having them meet our boy <3

P.P.S.  My son said there WAS a mother with the indian kid--I never saw them speak to one another--but apparently this one had a parent and the other actor was alone.

P.P.P.S.  Here is the song I promised at the end. If you are offended by religious names and words, just skip it. I like the tune, and compared to the rest of the music on 'that station', this one works really nice when a child is being born in a c-section.

I Can Only Imagine -- by Mercy Me