Friday, July 4, 2014

Agarthan Reiki Symbols Three, Four and Five


Adama from Telos, which is a big city in Agartha, has requested that the last of the Agarthan Reiki symbols be released.

These are a higher energy form of Reiki, which is a gift to humanity from Agartha.

Because of this, the symbols are to be freely shared and used for healing.

It is not to be sold--no books, no classes, no weekend getaways--no income generating is to be made from it.

At this time, only those who have been attuned by me on the June attunement will be able to have these symbols work.

Like Karuna Reiki, these symbols must be attuned by an Agarthan Reiki Master-Teacher. So those who are attuned will be able to use them for healing. Reiki Masters, and Karuna Reiki Masters, are not permitted to attune themselves to this frequency yet. Why? Because the energy is very strong and it is not compatible for everyone. You see, my students have been given Agarthan Reiki every day since April 10 and have adapted gradually in this time to be where they are as users of Agarthan Reiki today. This is in their Life Contract to be here at this time and to assist in this way.

When Adama asks, I will attune all to Agarthan Reiki, and they will be freely shared with the world. Have patience! Telos was not built in one day! LOL

Here are the links to all five symbols, in order:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc