Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Coming Light

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.  Thomas Aquinas

I am a mystic.

It you knew my last name, you would smile to yourself, at the recognition.

Mother promised me to Mother Mary while she carried me in her womb. She wore a Miraculous Mary medal around her neck the whole time. I enjoyed going to church and Bible school growing up. I made my first communion late--my mom took care of me and my sister at the same time. She was seven and I was twelve or thirteen. I made my confirmation the year after. Around that time, my grandfather passed. I remember reading up at the podium during the rosary for him, and I felt this energy I had never felt before in my life, surge through me and connect me with those present instantly and with the heart! Everyone spoke how nicely a job I had done, after all, it was family...

But I really enjoyed it.

In High School I joined Campus Life Youth For Christ organization. I went to Bible studies before school and social/bible study meetings on week nights. It was a non-denominational organization with many fun things for my friends and I to do together. I enjoyed being in the Haunted House the most. It was a major theatrical event in our community, and one night my two friends and I we earned 'best room in the house'. (I came home that night with full makeup, and poked my head in the front window as mom was up late waiting for me--I got a huge scare out of her too!)

At twenty-one I got my first Rosary, and I prayed it constantly. Especially when I graduated, and I had to commute to work. It helped to calm my fears.

Through a 'twist of fate', my husband's family got involved with the Medjugorje movement in 1990, when I was twenty-five. A family friend who also was involved owned a hearing aid business. This is how we got to know Barbara Matthias, the only medically-confirmed Visionary of Blessed Mother. Barbara has Turner's Syndrome, and is deaf, and we would supply her with her earthly needs.

On a visit to Santa Maria, to Barbara's house, I was meditating calmly next to her. I noticed around the room how everyone was 'taking' of Our Lady's energy! I decided, stubborn as I am, to be the one that gives love and adoration to her!!!

As I was holding my hand up like Barbara, the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I was touching Our Lady someplace that might be inappropriate? I asked myself I wonder where might I be touching her?

On my tummy! I heard, her voice for the first time. I also heard her beautiful tinkling laugh.

I haven't stopped hearing it since. I also see and touch and write messages that come to me through her, sometimes every day in a notebook journal I always have near my bed. I have a footlocker trunk filled with them.

This morning, before breakfast, she promised me a message. Since I have felt under the weather, my boy and I went to a local breakfast place to eat. She promised to wait.

On the way home, my boy wanted to stop in at our local catholic church. They had rebuilt it since we stopped attending, and he wanted to see how 'the place now looked'.

We turned in and it was vastly different! I was saddened to see the old church where he had been baptized had been demolished. Gone was the part of nature to the left of the church, where we threw rocks and played after mass. All of the trees and the places we hid and ate donuts were changed.

And I felt a very, very strong connection to go inside the chapel--we tested the door and it was open!

You can imagine my surprise that we were not alone. People were scattered across the chapel.

I had not set foot inside any catholic church in over one year, the last being in France with our family.

I saw the eucharist, up in the special container for Adoration.

I felt at Home. I used to be very devout, and often would enjoy passing an hour once a week in the company of the Lamb of God. I asked my son permission to stay for a while, and he said yes. He silenced his cell phone and amused himself while I prayed.

I see Jesus.

I have seen him ever since I went to mass while I was in medical school. It happened after I made communion, and would be on my knees in deep meditation on Him.

He was handsome! So much so that I could barely remind myself that he was in fact Jesus and only the Church was married to him! I told mom he looked 'like a movie star', which he did.

He took an interest in my life.

One day, when I was despondent about my divorce, and my probability of never meeting anyone again, I was on the steps of St. Brigid church in Pacific Beach. Jesus gave me a sign--it was a cricket with one back leg missing. When He sent me that sign, I would know, my man was on my way.

That sign came late last year, I was so surprised to see it! I had almost forgotten the message, it had been over twenty years ago...

But I I was asked to give Reiki, with every symbol I know, through the host to all Catholic churches and organized religion everywhere.

Yes, Jesus knows I do Reiki, and in fact, He is okay with it!

When I was attuned to Karuna Reiki, He showed himself as my guide. I have two. The Buddha is the other.

On my knees before the eucharist, I realized the importance of our prayer and support and healing for those who are deeply into the belief system that has been told to them throughout the ages.

I felt the spirituality of those present, and I felt their Light. It is focused 'the Catholic Way' only, and I sense that it will be quite difficult for them to 'let it go' when all of us Ascend to the Higher Realms together!

Even now, as I write, a neighbor across the street has the garage open, and is singing Christian Rock Music at the top of his lungs!

This part of our society is everywhere--people are sure of their being 'saved' and are confident one their 'entry to Heaven' when they die--no matter how much love was in their heart, or lacking, no matter how they made choices to treat others, according to the Good Rule, or 'looking out for number one'.

I ask for you to include these brothers and sisters who put WWJD bumper stickers on their cars, and Not Of This World tee shirts on their bodies, in your daily meditations and healing prayers for Light.

May the Love of our Ascended Masters, Angels and Guide support them in the discovery of Truth, and may their hearts be touched by all we share as Children of God and being Alive.

May Gaia ground all negativity and surprise of the people as the lies that have been hidden from us come to Light.

I long to go back to a realm where angels and normal, and Love reigns supreme, 24/7, 365 days a year, for all eternity, forever and ever.

It is my sincerest hope, that perhaps it is your desire that you will join me there, too?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc