Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today I got sleepy right after lunch. I lay down on the sofa for a short nap.

I didn't sleep.

I went deep, deep, deep into meditation.

Here is what happened...

I felt a need to call on the equivalent of Adama from Telos, for Ancient Lemuria.  I didn't know who he was, or how I was able to call him, but with my heart, I did.

He appeared.

He was wary, and cautious. He scanned me with a beam scanner through my person horizontally and perpendicularly. I held my steady vibration of unconditional love, and did not question his reasons. With his continent having sunk, he had been through enough already. I gave him the time he needed to establish trust in me.

What was his name? EloEeOo (el-lo-ee-oo)

I asked him when Lemuria is going to come back? 

So he took out some blueprints and together we took a look at it. He says that Lemuria is smaller than the Americas, but larger than Australia. Legend has it that the Hawaiian Islands are the tallest mountain tops of the land.

As I saw it 'rise' with my mind's eye, it looked very much like the photograph of Bali, above.  I asked EloEeOo what would happen to those who have the beachfront properties in Hawaii now when everything goes UP and the oceanfront moves to the edge of the new continent?

He waved his hands and said everyone would be content, and not to worry about it.

I asked, since I have dragon friends, would it be possible for my friend Marvin (who was trapped in the Dragon-Rose line, whom I freed but didn't make a bit fuss over it several months ago) to have a special place since he was stuck partway in the Pacific with his tail in Bali? (his head was in Europe, and he spanned across the States)

EloEeOo thought that was okay. Marvin was there, but he had to ask Bireto King of the Dragons, for his permission to make part of Lemuria 'Dragon Refuge' on Gaia. Marvin excused himself for a moment to go and ask.  Bireto approved without question. So it was set that Lemuria would be a place of Higher Dimension, and come back, now that Gaia is in 5D (although her people inhabiting her are steadily making progress in this direction!)--wouldn't the Dragons visiting be comfortable and welcome there?

Then a thought struck me--to balance it out, how about a portion of the continent to be home base for traveling Unicorns and Pegasus beings? I quickly checked with both parties to see if they mind being lumped together? Was I offending anyone? The Pegasus group said they wouldn't need much, that they move a lot, and were fine with the arrangements.

I also asked EloEeOo if perhaps people visiting from Agartha could have a place to stay on his continent too?  He welcomed the thought, as many of the inhabitants of Agartha are in fact descendants of the ancient Lemurians who fled a long time ago.

The need for protocol struck me--I made sure I knew how EloEeOo stood on the whole concept of Atlantis? Should it come back? Would it balance the energies on Gaia, or her geology if Lemuria came up?

He thought it better if Atlantis stayed sunken for the time being, but was open to the possibility once everyone sees how the new Lemuria works out. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Queen Liliuokalani. She explained how the Kingdom of Hawaii needs a home now that the Islands are becoming a part of Lemuria. She thought it would be considerate if the native Hawaiian Language (and Pidgin is 'okay' too, she smiles) is spoken on the new Lemuria please?

Everyone agreed.

And it was decided.

Ross came. He wore his linen suit, really a tropical tunic and pants, very white, with the pants that go mid-calf and the longish sleeves, one would describe as loose and three-quarters. He looked handsome and calm and relaxed. I looked down and I was in a matching sundress made of the same cloth. 

Casually, he asked, 'Want to get married?'

I asked, 'Aren't we already?'

He laughed and said in 5D, you are always welcome to 'tie the knot again' when you wish. So instantly some official came up, we said our vows at the shoreline, feet in the sand, and then the official went away. I think we toasted something like champagne--I saw and heard two glasses with stems on them and fizzy stuff clink together with our hands.

Nobody else was there except both of us, and the officiant, before he went back to wherever he is from.

And then I woke up.


Bora Bora

us <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla