Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I got a new gift.
I'm so excited about it.
It has to do with my consciousness.

I learned a lesson today...
It was sweet.

Let me try it on for size for the first time with you in this blog--remember, I am content and lighting up like this Christmas Tree to be able to share my new gift!

I am focusing my consciousness on what I like now, on what gives me pleasure, what makes me feel loved, what makes me feel One with the Universe...just like this tree is connected through Light with all the Light of the stars in the night sky...

Remember, I am right Here, right Now:

  • the crickets are one of my favorite sounds in the world.
  • I am in my own home, relaxed, and not on call.
  • the freeway noise makes me glad I am in my home this moment.
  • I love the reminders of motherhood, angels, nature, and Love I have on the walls of my home.
  • I like how my stomach is full.
  • My skin feels so nice from the shower, now that the water is back on and the leak fixed.
  • I love Ross so much. I love it that he is smart and I can relax a little when I am around him. He taught me this lesson. I stumbled on it, and he encouraged me to complete it.
You know how there is the old saying that 'worry is praying for what you don't want'?

We are going to turn it around.

"Ask and you shall receive" is a way of saying you have the power to co-create and manifest as a sovereign spiritual being anywhere in the cosmos!

For those of you who follow what I write, recently I have had a plumbing leak with major water damage. It took three plumbers to fix the problem. And a lot of phone calls and many friends involved.

I'm still tired from being up all night on the weekend with my work..

Sometimes I have to do things that are gross. Recently one took the cake. Don't ask me why, but I had to stick my entire hand into a patient's mouth to guide something that wasn't going in properly and kept getting hung up. The mouth was so big that I had to go all the way to my wrist to reach the back of the throat. There was blood and spit and snot all over my arm, my jacket, the linens...all sticky and red and (big sigh)--

It was a new low. 

Thankfully, the patient was unconscious, and under full anesthesia, and didn't bite.

With the stress of the work schedule--faster! faster!

I hit a point where I decided even though my body was here, and my mind was actively working, my heart wanted to be free. And in my heart of hearts, I was going to be far away in a meadow as a bunny where no one could ever eat me. And I would think of that until all this other stuff resolves, which I knew at some point it would.

I had it. Just plain had it. 

And that was the key to my discovery...where I stumbled across an important Truth.

Important Truths aren't always easy to understand because in Life there are some things you just have to experience.

I am going to share with you what I have experienced before today, that wasn't exactly helpful. 

My goal for you today is to help you not to reinvent the wheel, if you know what I mean <3

I had this crammed down my throat since I could talk. Dad once read Dale Carnegie, and he gave me a copy of Psycho Cybernetics and made me read it when I was seven. He made us say things like, 'I am somebody. I AM somebody. I am SOMEBODY! Anybody who doesn't like me must be nuts. What do I want with a bunch of nuts?' and 'Today the world belongs to ME!'

Dad, for all of his positive thinking and religious science (I went there with him too), was not very content. 

He compared himself to others. He got jealous. 

"Positive Thinking" lacks the power of the emotions of the heart.

It is one-hundred percent mind-driven. That is why it bored me to tears, and never really 'clicked'.

This is a very simple way to manifest something:  write it down.

My life was governed by date planners and schedules through all of my education and training.

It's a tool. 

The  "To Do List" often lacks the power of the emotions of the heart--even when you spend eighty percent of your time on the twenty percent of things that matter to you most.

It gets to be a habit, that your life is only what you plan, and that you can't be spontaneous because your goals are overriding the importance of what is Here and Now.

You are delaying gratification to achieve. And depending on your 'balance', it can be a good thing, or a long journey pushing a 'rock uphill'. <3

Whoever drew this TOTALLY 'gets' what it is like to be 5D <3

Sometimes when people ask me for spiritual advice, I say to this:
Take all that energy you have going on between your ears, inside your head, and drop it about twelve inches lower.

Your heart connects to all the knowledge of the Universe, your Higher Self, your Twin, your Soul Mate, your beloved friends...and these connections last forever as etheric cords between your heart and theirs.

You can feel it.

What is in your thoughts?

Is there a struggle, for example, as in addiction?

It there chatter? Is your mind on overload 24/7 and you can't sleep?

Are you looking for someone to make something happen for you? To 'save you' in some way or another--a 'sugar daddy or mama'? a big 'lottery win', First contact and mass landings, a religious 'someone' to come back for His 'second coming'???

You have Reiki and the power to heal across distance and time...using Universal Energy. You can feel it. You can see electronic things go haywire. You can see the healing that happens in others who ask for you to send healing their way, or to treat them with your Reiki directly face to face.

You have a spiritual community at Doctors With Reiki on Facebook and Twitter. This 'home' is built with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. These are the same building blocks of which Heaven is constructed...everyone is welcome and the healing is free of charge every day. <3

Your soul is waiting to do its thing, and blossom under the Creator's shining heart.

You have your own connection to Creator.
It's your birth right.
In those quiet moments, you ARE 'Home' with the love that fills everything that exists.
The whole world is alive with Love, unconditional Love, the energy that is Creation itself.
Open your heart to it.
Ponder it.
Give thanks for it.
Look at every blessing as if it is brand new and you never noticed it before...

You are Forever.
And Forever...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc