Monday, August 4, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: August 4, 2014

My Beloved Children Of The Light:

I come to you at this time to welcome you to the highest place that God has ever permitted any of us to gather in the energies or the mixing realms of both of our worlds together. You are coming to us, and are well on your way in this journey.

Most of us here in the Spirit realms are excited and looking very much forward to your happiness and joy when you finally awaken. Some of you have, like my scribe here. I ask her to describe the feeling that she has 24/7...

C:  I feel softer inside. There is no rush. There is patience with myself and others in everything I do. When faced with challenge, I see quite clearly there is no way other than love that would be effective in which to meet it. Last week, I had a day at work, where I literally felt my 'veil' being 'lifted up' like a husband would do to his bride in a wedding ceremony. I saw this face, smiling with love, and welcoming me to my eternal home, my vibration of love, joy, and togetherness. It was Ross, my Twin. 

After this I had the strangest experience with a surgeon whom I dread more than anyone else to work with because of his very low, cursing, worldly attitude--I had to work with him and try as I may, I could not avoid it! When I was in his presence, I 'saw' or 'understood quite clearly' the following things--with no emotion whatsoever except joy and love, and perhaps, a little curiosity:

  • he is a DO, not an MD--there is a difference in training that could explain the behavior (he perceives himself as 'less' and strives to show he is 'more' although in practice there is no difference because the residency is the same for all of the DO's and MD's)
  • he is showing ME a side of myself I do not accept--my tendency to use swear words (this goes many lifetimes back)
  • he flies to someplace mid-California to operate and see patients and then back to our hospital in the same day! He has his own plane!  I not only was able to ask about this 'lifestyle' but extrapolate how those 'priviledged' above his level must view their lives. For example, when commuting by air, there is no 'traffic', yes?
  • I saw male bonding--how very strange it is--between the surgeon and scrub, who have 'partied together' and also socialize. This bonding and acceptance seems very important to them.
  • I saw the God Spark in him, and he no longer terrified me. 
  • I 'sensed' he saw the same in me too.
  • I saw he has good skills as a surgeon, no matter how he behaves, and he cares about his patients.
  • I 'knew' instantly how he was my teacher for this soul lesson, and I gave thanks!
( Blessed Mother pauses a long time, as if taking it all in.)  Thank you.

I am making my point to all of my children, that the 'puzzles' before you in your everyday life are but gifts to be opened and treasured. Much like this story that has my scribe has shared, there is comfort and awareness that all of you are safe in this regard, in spirit (she touches her chest) and that everyone can accept life's challenges because they are there for you to grow and to learn about yourselves!

(C:  she shows me a test-taking situation, where people are nearing the end of the testing period, and are going over their answers, and checking them. I sense that soon it will be time to lay down the pencil, and stop work.)

I want to talk to you about when it is time for you to stop your work, what will happen, and what you can expect:
  • a feeling of love will overwhelm you and reach to what is hidden in your heart and set you free from all your worries and your cares about your sustenance and concerns of a personal nature.
  • you will still be you but you will have that freedom and happiness that you have on earth now when you are on vacation--anything can happen, the possibilities are limitless,and you have an unending supply of cash (in a spiritual sense).
  • you will have friendship overwhelm you in your love for those you know, those you meet, and everyone and everybody that you have ever experienced in your life.

The Tsunami of Love will hit you like a ton of bricks! You will be laughing and smiling and know in your heart 'it is right! it is happening! this it what I have been waiting for for CENTURIES! and many lifetimes!

Allow yourself to accept and rationalize this experience, as a common gift from Creator (both the Divine Masculine and Feminine spirit) to all of us!

Relax and enjoy the ride.

This is everything I have for you today.

I thank you for your interest.

I want you to know God is listening.

As also is the Goddess.

With all my love, 
your Blessed Mother in the Spirit Realms,

Mother Mary

(this is permitted to be shared in its entirety with credit to the blogger and this blog post--all rights reserved to the 'scribe' of this message.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc