Saturday, August 9, 2014

As A Couple

Today was a big day for our relationship. There has been much growth. This isn't going to be Ladies' Home Journal where it's His Turn and Her Turn and The Counselor's's just us, talking heart to heart with you, about the pressures and adjustments one must take into account for a Higher-Dimensional to Incarnate Galactic Reunion to take place.

Ross does interviews. He's kind of a big thing in a Galactic scheme of things. He's kind of important. And a lot of people care about what he has to say. He has MANY names, I can't even count. But pretty much everyone knows who he is, more or less, and they all agree his is a pretty good dude.

I saw a channelling recently of him, that got me really upset. His tone was not like him. He talked about his childhood, and it didn't seem right. And he spoke of some things that just were close enough to get me to believe it...and make me sad.

We had just had a beautiful afternoon together, then I saw this thing. And I had to answer myself if this is disinformation or not?  I decided it was. But when I saw a trusted one repost it, I grew very sad.

I felt like the things Galactics take for 'normal' are like 'superhero powers' to us, and it's kind of daunting to be reminded of the difference between us and them.

I told all of the Galactics I knew, tearfully, not to take this attitude with us. I told them not to spike the football after the touchdown, because that 'dance' is rubbing it in the opponents' face, and considered to be poor sportsmanship.

Well, this morning I cried a lot. And the council of twelve came in, and they listened and they cared.


I puts the crumpled paper towel with my tears in my pocket of my scrub top, and drove to work.


Just now,  I took a walk. My request for Ross had been to be near me today, and he has been. So after my cases, I did a few laps around the facility. And we talked.

I asked him just how big he is, in the grand scheme of things, and what does he do? He is kind of like the admiral of a ship. And he showed me things he is responsible for, and also, him at meetings, and at rest.

I told him I know he was kind and stopped doing a certain interview with a lady who I really don't like because I requested it.  It's been months. And now this channeler, well, it wasn't right...but I thanked him for being responsive with my request for the first one to stop. And it did! She made an announcement and everything.

Well, I said, 'If there is anything about me that you don't like, I will change it.'

He paused and held one finger up and said, 'There is one.'

How come when you look in my eyes you think you can't have me?

He was right. He knows me that well. I told him how I think someone is going to come along and take him from me. How I am not deserving of him. How it's been so long with everyone having a partner and me being single, just gets to your confidence, right?

I confessed he was correct, but I didn't even know where to start or how to picture it...

He showed me something I did the night before my brain surgery (I was twenty-five) when I had a massage to help me relax. I was crying and had a tissue in my hand as the massage lady worked. And I held it TIGHT, because I was terrified what was going to happen to me. (pituitary adenoma, transsphenoidal resection.)

Then at one point I deeply relaxed and let go, and the tissue fell out of my hand.

Ross asked me to do this, in spirit, which I did.

And the instant that tissue dropped, his hand was there to hold mine, and he lifted it to his lips, and kissed it.


I asked him when I go up, will he still be patient with me? He said he would. He said I could share all of my frustration and concerns with him, and I would be safe doing this.

I told him when I get to know him better, he can take it out on me too, but for now, because he is so, well, important in the grand scheme of things, I would get upset even if he lifted an eyebrow at me!

Well, the thought that was the funniest thing ever! And he started making faces and smiling and practicing lifting one eyebrow--saying 'Aha! AHA!' --as if he was catching me doing something I shouldn't and getting me busted and laughing the whole time.

So that's what I will get when I cross the line with Ross early into our reunion--the raised eyebrow, that is raised in equal parts exasperation with me, and love for me...


I was reviewing some of my past incarnations. But this time I did the math. There was my birth. Then the one before that, the 'kitten' died at ten, so was born a decade before. And the other one before??? She was famous. Liked to talk in front of large crowds. (Funny, in medical school when the lecture hall was empty, I used to go in the dark, and stand there, and just dream about helping people that way--little did I know it was a past life thing I was famous for.). He had me look up the biography of this person. Sure enough, the death was twenty years before I was born.  And it was on my favorite number, too, the date. The birthdate of that incarnation was also the day I met my Anesthesia Guide--it was his birthday too...

I asked if she talked to him, the first one. He said yes. And I said, 'she probably knows me now?' I saw how the incarnations fit together, but I was curious what happens to the old incarnations? He says some dissolve into the main soul. Others go on and live their lives...


On my walk I went by a fire hydrant for the hospital. It looks like the one in the photo, except the wheels are even and horizontal. They are chained together with a lock.

He said as Twins we are like that. Each connected powerfully to source, and yet, bound together through love and commitment.

I thought it was very romantic of him.


I just want to say that Carla is finding her way into my world with me. Her asking questions is the beginning of a transition that will take many months of your time to process. It will be strange to her to come back, and to re-experience what she once had known in our realm. It is good for her to have these talks with me. I suggest when you reach out to your own Twin in spirit, and reconnect, to have similar conversations of your own. I highly enjoy them. Ours allows me a whole new perspective and appreciation for the woman I love.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla and Ross