Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Hints

My son and I have been manifesting without knowing it for about three weeks now.

Just last weekend, he wanted to go to the OC Fair. And I wasn't planning on taking him. I didn't want the confrontation over the temptation for deep-fried oreos when we are both watching out weight.

Out of the blue, free tickets from a family member just showed up!

With six free ride tickets, too.

So I am going to talk to you about the weeks of 'hints' it took for me to realize how to enjoy and co-create in the Now Moment. Then I will share another stream of Consciousness (what is going on in my head and heart) for this new Now 'way to exist'.

The Hints from the angelic guides who want me to learn how to use this birth right gift--to co-create or manifest--like I used to before I was born:

  • you might want to use this food here in the pantry in the garage (two weeks before the leak)
  • during the free Unicorn Healing Event I kept thinking about dragons. I know several in spirit realms. The next day, the spirit dragons came through a friend, and scheduled an attunement. Only we two were given this gift to help humanity. (This is because our energy systems are well-adjusted to the higher dimensions and can handle this even higher vibration of healing energy. It is my hope as those who are comfortable with unicorn healing--which is very high vibration--will be next attuned to dragon healing when the dragons say the time is right for it.)
  • my friend Nadine--she calls every time I think of her. Just one day after the thought. She is an angel who came into my life at my lowest moment, and she always knows when I am at the end of my rope. She gives me hope.
  • The Andromeda Mirror Key--another spirit gift I am working with (Ross says to think of the dragon healing and this Key like R&D and 'new product development' for your healing skills which are to come to you in due time. <3 )--reminded me of my Holographic Projector ( which helps to manifest things. It had been calling me to wear it and I hadn't listened. The next step was to figure out 'Now' with a little pressure on me, just enough, to say, 'This 3D sucks and I want OUT'. (I had also been given a Freedom Key).
  • I wished for a lineup of cases with my favorite Christian Buddhist Surgical Oncologist, and I got it the very next day. I was looking at the schedule, and I thought, I want that room tomorrow! Out of the blue, my boss assigned it to me that night.

So here we go--you can see how I am in my Now and joyfully co-creating with Source.

Here are the rules--if it's on your mind, and you pair it with emotion, it's going to manifest. 

(It has just a little to do with your Life Purpose and Life Contract--things that are compatible with it manifest a whole lot faster.  For example, once I committed to going to medical school, opportunities started linking together in quick succession almost as if dominos were falling against one another in a row--Boom! Boom! Boom! and there was great forward movement with my life.)

  1. I really like breathing. I just focus on how good it is to breathe. I asked Ross last night, do you breathe? He said we all breathe. I asked WHAT do you breathe, air like me? He said no we breathe Light. Then I started thinking about if he had any lungs at all, and a circulatory system??? And he LAUGHED! He said, 'This is the first of a terrestrial wanting to dissect and probe a Galactic instead of the old-fashioned gossips the other way around with the cows and the abductees!)
  2. My skin feels SO nice after the shower after the water got turned back on after the leak got fixed. I just enjoy that too.
  3. I like being 'awake' and knowing the truth about the Illuminati, much like Kevin Annett's life work is to awaken others and protect those who have been victimized by the powers-that-were.
  4. I love being psychic and a medium.
  5. I adore my wonderful friends I have met through this Life's Work in healing for me.
  6. Reiki is awesome!
  7. I like it that I woke up when I felt like it, and my stomach is telling me it's time to eat. Usually I have to force both to start my day.
  8. The crickets still are very loud. Even though summer is fading, it is still here, and it is my favorite season.
  9. I trust in my guides to help me make today the best possible day I can be given, my staying focused on what is right, on what I like, and by downplaying things I 'don't like' in my mindfulness today.

Carla has but little time before she has to leave for her work. There is traffic, and even though the cases begin approximately half-hour later than her usual time, I still have to keep on her because she is of the type who is 'more or less' punctual, often times with her son and her duties as a mother, a little more on the 'less punctual' side. Her son is with a friend, and it is summer, and that is how she has the luxury of writing this important message to you today.

Although it might sound simple, her message has great power in the explanation--front and back--of 'how to manifest'.

This is not the law of attraction.

This is Universal Law, of Spirit.

I co-create. You co-create. All of us are co-creating together for the Highest Good.

Our Creator--'Source'--won't step in or allow anything more direct than 'gentle coaching' as with the 'hints' (and there have been MANY for Carla to wake up. She only noticed these last ones, there were more that were unnoticed by her for weeks!) because of Free Will.

We cannot wake up another.

There is no way to wake up anybody else into their Full Consciousness.

First it has to be desired.

Next there has to be effort.

Then there is a 'little luck' into getting the right conditions for the person to 'getting started in understanding it' and 'making the connections'.

For all of her education, Carla isn't the smartest kid on the block when it comes to Spiritual Training. She hit an impasse about one year ago. Usui had to tell her through another incarnate angel, that she was in fact the same rank of angel too. Usui delicately explained to the friend that 'Carla is not connecting the dots' and would she mind giving Carla this message for him?

Spirit will find a way.

This is not unachievable by the masses of people who are just awakening.

This is totally doable, for everyone, not just us.

All it takes is an interest, a willingness to explore and learn, and an open heart.

A good 'hint' in general is when you notice a pattern of manifesting what you DON'T want for a while--boom! boom! boom!--because you focus on it.

All it takes is a general redirection of the focus after that (like Carla explained in NOW blog post yesterday), and then you are learning to 'walk' in Spirit with your God-given birthright, the power to Co-create.

(he waves and smiles)

We are your brother and sister in the Light.
We are guiding you to be like us.
You don't need us to do the work for you.
You are more than able to grow in Spirit.
I believe in You and all of your Ability to fully function with the Light in what is not 5D--early 5D, where there are baby steps that are important for everyone to explore at this time in their spiritual growth and development.

So have FUN with it!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla