Friday, August 8, 2014

Man Versus Nature

Why are there pools next to the ocean? I see very clearly in this photograph, the effect of mankind to alter the natural beauty that is present at this beautiful hotel in Laguna Beach. I see the structures, the chaise lounges, the palm trees...all as nature did not intend it.

All I can say is that this resort costs over six hundred dollars a night, for the 'land' facing rooms. And it is always sold out. 

There is much money to be made from selling this sort of thing--Fake Nature.

Here is the ocean. There is a walkway, and likely, some gardening that was introduced by man. However, it seems to complement the enjoyment of the natural setting. It is like a little bit of  makeup to 'enhance the natural features'...

Is nature for sale?

Are the natural resources ours to exploit?

Do they not belong to everyone not the guy who built the factory to exploit it and drives the biggest truck?

Who gives man the right to take habitat away from all of creation, so that the native plants and animals are threatened?

How can this be?

Can this imbalance be sustained forever?--I think not.  Entropy is going to catch up with it.

This is the harvest just one day from my garden, which is one ten by ten foot patch and a smaller, three by five foot one, of dirt.

I have made compost in partnership with the earthworms for ten years. I have completely reworked the soil from clay to something that is able to grow.

There are faeries in my garden. Because I am able to see them because of my psychic gifts, I communicate with them. They are pleased that I acknowledge them, and thank them for their assistance with this garden who for five years no matter what I did, nothing would grow.

I have a little bit of pests--mostly snails I feed to my pet turtle--but nothing major.

I have seen coyotes, raccoons, opossums, lizards, and birds come and check out my back yard, too. Sometimes they sort through the compost buckets I have waiting out to be put into the pile.

I communicate with the plants directly too. Some trees I have raised from shoots have asked me to attune them to Reiki. All pine and eucalyptus trees are now Reiki-capable--because trees have intelligence. They talk to each other. And the ones taught the others, it has gone round the world in the past year or so.

Earth was not designed to be exploited and unappreciated.

She is a conscious being, filled with life that is magnificent in its balance, its beauty, and its ability to sustain many forms of life, not just in the physical form, but also the etheric and devic realms.

Just for today...why not appreciate her? Let her know how you feel about her. And where you would be without her lovingkindness to your heart?

Just for today...LOVE HER.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I think she is starting to sing 'You Don't Bring Me Flowers Any More',  ya? Help our poor Mother Earth out.  Please make one choice in some way, to bring more lovingkindness to her. Mahalo.