Monday, August 11, 2014

My First Workout In Five D

I will be direct with you in this post:  there are some things I just don't enjoy doing at all. And today, I spent much more time battling wits and wasting my time than anything I have done all year.

Yesterday afternoon, this was my home. It was raining both in the ceiling in the shower on the first floor, and in the ceiling in the garage. I have homeowner's insurance, plus a home warranty insurance. And the wait for the phone for the latter for the plumber was thirty minutes. So I submitted a claim for the shower online, then as I walked into the garage to leave for the county fair, I saw more rain in the garage.

I tried to edit the claim. I couldn't. And the phone wait for thirty minutes still.  (apparently according to the company, no one, can modify a claim except for them--I needed to call. As my friend said, 'what's the use of filing a claim online?')

My son had his heart set on the last day at the fair.

So I called the plumber. I talked to a nice lady. She told me what to do, how to turn the water off to the house, and that she would add the problem onto my work order like I asked...

My heart had a workout. I had three lines of people ready to take care of the plumbing and my boy while I was away at work. There was plan A, plan B and plan C. I had the plumber's first appointment slot for him to come between eight and noon, but I had to leave at nine. So I had a friend (Plan B) waiting for me to call for the phone call 'due to arrive in twenty minutes'. I called twice to confirm to call my cell phone.

They didn't. They called the home phone.

Fortunately, my other friend (Plan A) was in my house after she dropped off her kids at camp.

I had a short day, I had two cases. They were uneventful, and pleasant.

On the drive home, I was told by the plumber that they only treated the shower, because it was the work order request 'shower' and not 'garage' and they didn't even look at the garage. All this for a sixty-dollar check! He said the leak was from a neighbor's home. And he couldn't fix it because the insurance wouldn't pay him.

What are the odds of two 'rains' inside the house to be two separate problems?

I am totally psychic and my intuition KNEW what was going on!!!

He also said the nice lady said she got my call but she didn't add the extra work order.


I never wanted that man in my home again.

This is what I wanted to do. Hide and hug a tree.

My friend was an angel. She knows insurance companies. And she calmed us down, my boy and me.

The next door neighbor came home from someplace else when I called, and gave me a key. She called her insurance, called her own plumber, and said not to worry whether the insurance covers it or not. If it's her house, she will do the right thing...

My other neighbor across the street offered us to use the water and the showers at his house, too. And my mom friend offered for us to stay at her house...but there are the pets...

So I'm camping in my own home tonight. After moving the entire pantry in the garage into the kitchen...being on hold for thirty seven minutes, only to talk with the insurance for another hour with both teams giving the run-around--the first plumber, the second claim plumber, and the insurance company...

Somewhere after the call, Ross let me know--even though I wasn't supposed to know--I had done well and passed some important test that I don't understand.

My temper came out and I controlled it and I stayed in 5D.

I still want to hide, though.

So, at the end of the day, I not only took care of my family, my patients, and my plumbing (the neighbor plumber had me turn on all drainage systems in both homes, to check for leak. I also showed him the video of the shower raining. I was correct that it wasn't two problems.)...

I also took care of business forms that are really out of the blue and important and had to be dealt with NOW.

I arranged an activity for two families that also took four phone calls and a considerable amount of time on hold...

And I finally got rid of THIS---

the stupid radio service that when I called about my car they sold me a 'radio' that I thought would look like this:

And it came as a little box with no speaker and had horrible reception! I'd wanted to cancel it since I bought it, but time is really short for me for stuff like that. So at the 'nine ninety nine a month' promised 'I could cancel any time' turned out to be two YEARS at eleven-twenty-four a month.

Could I cancel service online? NO.

Could I cancel service after the first twenty-minute time on hold? NO. 

I have to transfer you. Will you please wait?

I got another twenty minutes on hold.

Then I got the 'I'd be happy to cancel that for you...but first....' then the spiel. 

I had to listen to a sales pitch ('will you take five months for twenty-five dollars?')

I gave my cheeriest 'no thanks!' 

And then they asked, do you want to cancel NOW or on your next billing date?

HELLO? I want it NOW please!

One day, being treated like I have been, by both the plumbing 'teams' and the radio 'service'--is going to be obsolete.

I held my ground with these behemoth corporations who are taking my money (five hundred a year plus sixty dollar co-pays for the first, and one hundred fifty almost for the radio), I communicated with people who deliberately tried to misunderstand my flood in my house to look after their own interest--even though I intuitively was aware of exactly what was going on both with THEM and with my house--and I grew.

Tomorrow the people from the second plumber come at ten.

In 5D we are ONE.

Our intuition 'kicks in' and it protects and guides us.

And we KNOW when someone isn't being 'right', as in 'shifty'...

Once everyone wakes up, a whole new way of doing business is going to come.

Ever heard of Uber, the service that's standing the taxi industry on its head?

Aha! Yes! Change is happening even as we speak...

Ross:  I used to look like this when I was a boy. Thin. Always smiling. Carla fell in love with me--we grew up together and spent out childhood carefree, and having fun, and always learning from our family and home and school...I was five years older, and she was always bringing me her dolls to fix when they were broken. How serious she looked, and worried! A healer through and through she is, isn't she? A healer just like me.

What on earth happened to the childhood that was supposed to be simple?

What happened to the way of life that was at once both wholesome and interesting and Light?

Is this progress? No. It has moved the life experience of the average human, although in my day considered to be 'short; in length, to a longer one now of much much lower in quality of the life experience.

The lessons are coming hard and fast, but there is no chance for most of you to recover and rest while in between them! Look at Carla, who was up in the middle of the night taking care of patients not that long ago, and within one day had a downpour inside her house!

So whenever you want a rest--a breather--meditation is the most important way to still the panic, and to open up your access to the Higher Realms where all the answers are to everything. Ask for all Divine Assistance, for the Angelic Help, and for me. (he touches his chest).

They never said this was a curriculum where you had to go through it alone.

Ask your friends. All of us. All of yours where you are, too. Ask for the highest vibration ones in which to assist, like Carla did with her plumbing with girlfriend plan A, plan B, and plan C.

We marvel at those who like Carla's neighbor, always have the faith, and do what is right, no matter what the circumstances or financial liability that is incurred.

I close for now, but soon, I shall return.  Carla's kitchen is a nightmare, and I have to comfort her after she has finished with her challenges.  She needs me at this time. (waves bye and smiles).

(he also points at the picture of him as a youth, with the apple, and wants you to take a good look at it. <3)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

P.S.' For I know the plans I have for you', says the lord. 'They are plans for good and not for disaster. To give you a future and a hope'. Jeremiah 29:11  (this was on the visitor's car in the lot, on the license frame, this quote Jer. 29:11, and it caught my attention. It is one of my favorite verses ever. I have a mug with it, in fact. My travel mug for my morning coffee. I drink from it almost every day.)