Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Doctors And Food

I just got the bill from the dietician for nutritional counseling for my son. It is three hundred and forty dollars. She made him cry, and we had to leave before she actually DID anything.

It is not covered by insurance.

Insurance pays for every complication of obesity, except one: for the psychological counseling for the effects of bullying on my son about his weight.

The counselor is 'Out-Of-Network'. She is ordinarily one hundred fifty dollars an hour, but gives a discount for the school referral, so her fee is one hundred thirty dollars. That's two hours a week, one for me, and one for him, so she can get the information she needs to manage his care properly.

He is responding beautifully to her intervention for his mental health.

(the payments do not even apply to my deductible...)

There is an OB Gyn who has lost over one hundred pounds in three months. It is medically supervised, and in his words, 'was designed by someone really smart like an anesthesiologist -- <3 --who does critical care...I eat every three hours, and keep the insulin from triggering from the carbs.'

There are meal replacement shakes, and once a day, he gets 'real food'. For example, fatty fish, like salmon, is a smaller portion, but a leaner fish he gets a larger serving in ounces.

He and a RNFA (RN First Assist) were talking restaurants during a case. I had never heard of any of these places. Together they went on and on about amazing places, many of whom I can't recall the names. And Kaena wines are supposed to be amazing...

Here is one place:

(just in case that 'Seventh Ray' sounds a little, well, um, metaphysical, it IS! It's the ray of St. Germain. More here:

I couldn't help remembering when in my Family Practice rotation I had to attend an open AA meeting--listening to the conversation about restaurants really reminded me of this---except 'fine dining' was in the 'alcohol' role...

And yet the transformation of him is undeniable--as he sheds the weight, his energy body is throwing off SO much more Light. It is contagious, and totally amazing to witness the transformation with my Reiki Eyes.

I've sent a lot of Reiki to him while he operates. I send it to everyone in the room, including my patient...


So at the Doctor's Dining Room, I sat eating my lunch.

I had meat.

My friend, the gastroenterologist who has been vegetarian for eight years, saw what was on my plate.

It felt awful.

I explained to him how I am eating meat now, because of my boy. We are on the insulin resistance diet--he needs it, and I am doing it with him for moral support. But I haven't lost any weight on it, and I hate meat. I never enjoy it.

He was kind.

He also shared that he doesn't trust his appetite.

So he takes the food he wants, and only eats half. The rest he throws away. That is how he says trim.

This set up a lively conversation as the cardiologist who is head of the Medical Staff, a man I really admire and enjoy, overheard us.

'Humans are the only mammal that drinks the milk of another species.' the cardiologist said with a smile, his education and intellect sparkling, as he jumped into the foray.

And the gastroenterologist, said that we drink milk as a society much longer than the animals would, who wean at the loss of their milk teeth.

He drinks almond milk, the gastroenterologist. 

(At the store today, I compared--there is like, NO protein in the soy, almond and coconut milks! )

Then the cardiologist, cutting his single piece of chicken breast on his otherwise empty plate, looked up and added, 'Who knows how our bodies were designed? To eat meat? To not?'

And the gastroenterologist, said, 'We have the enzymes for the digestion of meat. I love meat. I love the taste of it. I enjoy it. But I do not eat because I do not think we have the right to kill animals for pleasure. For survival perhaps, but that is not necessary at this time. There are plant based alternatives. Man is the only creature who kills for pleasure, for sport.'

He likes to think there is one less cow and twenty less chickens killed a year because of his vegan eating habits. He morally does not see a problems with eggs and dairy, but chooses not to eat them because of the poor living conditions for the animals, who are treated as commodities and not spiritual beings which they are.

I don't know.


I am eating meat for the survival of my son, who interprets my eating different from him as a form of rejection.

In fact, he is now more open to trying new foods, and eating vegetables, now that I eat meat and take the pressure of 'converting him' off.

The gastroenterologist gave me his extra half of his sandwich. I ate it for dinner. I was still working late.

His kindness meant the most to me of all.

I think I will eat meat only in the presence of my son, and go back to my preference when I am alone.

I never liked meat.

My parents had to force me to eat it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc