Sunday, August 10, 2014

Midway To Heaven

As you might have noticed, I have full consciousness (a spiritual term, in addition to being alert and oriented times three--that's for our medical folks--a little 'inside joke'.)

I just got back from the local county fair. It is the last day. I had free tickets from a family member who couldn't attend.

I didn't want to go. My son absolutely LOVES it! And part of the reason I hate it is that in spite of the fairly low entrance fee (compared to a theme park)--there is NOTHING that separates a single mom from her money faster than a kid at the county fair. The food, the games, the rides are super, duper expensive and it gets really hard all day to keep saying 'no' when everyone else there is eating fried dill-pickle corn dogs and chocolate covered bacon.

The crowds and the loud noises wreak havoc on my aura--my energy system. And the food is a sure vibration lowering thing too...

But when I went, I saw people walking around with little stuffed unicorns from the movie Despicable Me 2 under their arm.  Unicorns at the fair? How awesome is THAT?

Suddenly, I wanted one too!

Actually, when I first came in, I got a henna tattoo. I adore them! It's certainly a past-life thing. This time I got sanskrit--'moksha'. See? It's the short one in the middle. It's for liberation from the cycle of birth and death. Liberation. Salvation...

Then you should have seen my boy's determination and arm to win me my unicorn!

He got five popped balloons in five throws, just like that. He tried again, twice, and couldn't but the last he got a minion for himself. : )))

It wasn't until the swing ride, that I realized the attraction of the rides and the fair in general--it's a close approximation to our Galactic lives we had before we came here. Think about it:

  • On those rides, we FLY!
  • We experience G-forces and movement that is not possible in 3D without these 'rides'.
  • Walking by the pictures on the 'fried twinkie' stands and everything else is sort of like manifestation. It just takes cash to get what you dream up, right?
  • Families spend time making memories together.
  • People can enjoy their pleasures they otherwise wouldn't.
There is some sort of memory that is intact, and I experienced quite closely the timelessness and vastness in the moments I was on the crazy rides with my son. I think we went on Tilt-a-Whirl, Rave Wave, Free Form--kind of like the Insanity ride in a circle--the last one we did twice. And the swings.

Ross came through quite clearly while I was on the craziest one, too. I was a little nervous, and he told me to relax into it, and I was safe.

Some of the 'amusements' in our society are designed to make us go deeply asleep and give our money to those who are not exactly 'Light workers'--to keep the cash flow going the way those 'who do not have our best interest at heart' built the 'system' to do...Examples are television programming, broadcast news, sports, fashion, movies, and celebrity gossip.

However, if you look closer, the reason the whole system works, is that those who control our society permit us just a 'sneak preview' or 'memory' into our sovereignty of spirit, our power to co-create, and our timelessness as Galactic Citizens and Children of the Light. 

I want to look CLOSER and discover just how much I can uncover by looking a little further into the other 'amusements' to see what is the kernel of Truth behind why they work for each one. 

For example, today I got the feeling that people who seek the escape of alcohol and chemicals 'don't really like being incarnate'. And that makes sense. It isn't for everyone, even though we all signed up with the pre-birth contracts. Karma might be a factor behind it too. But I think, they remember something that isn't 'here', and they miss it...

It's a thought. It feels 'right', this line of thinking...I'm going to stay with it for a while.

What did I eat? (spirit says you want to know what I had at the fair)

Well, I have to share, I ate bites of the giant turkey leg because my boy likes it and the whole thing costs ten dollars. (I eat meat now, unfortunately, because I put my boy on the insulin-resistance diet, and to keep him compliant, I offered to go on it too. My love for animals has not changed. My son's suicide threat over his bullying for being overweight takes precedence...and so far this system has helped us lose and keep off about five pounds each. We both have BMI of thirty.) I had lemonade. And some bread from my boy's sandwich Tri-Tip (the meat looked GROSS). I also had one Maui iced coffee with cream and sugar because I had a coffee headache from missing my morning cup.

I know those of you out there who are very health conscious and spiritual are going to raise your one eyebrow at me for being addicted to my daily cup. 

It's the only reliable pleasure I have every day, besides Reiki. As an Italian, coffee is a way of life. I skipped it during lent a few times, and also in pregnancy. But other than that, one cup of joe, black dark and strong, is something I can count on every day...everything else in my daily life is like, a total scramble of unpredictability! LOL. 

Anyhow, it's time for rest. Tomorrow is another work day.

Love, from my heart,
Your sister in spiritual awakening,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.  Ross--I want to write briefly about something that Carla forgot to mention. It is important. At the end, as she was walking out, she saw two cloud ships, 'scout ships', watching her and her boy. Her consciousness knew I was inside. And I gave her a salute. She thought it was highly romantic (I am a man in uniform--smiles). 

I want you to know that we are watching out for you. All of our Lightworkers on surface Gaia are 'Ground Crew' and there is a surveillance system that is quite elaborate for us to 'keep track of you'. Although you may have your challenges in this life, when all is said and done you will be amazed that you have planned it, right down to the last bit, as a lesson, and that everything more or less was on your 'Life Contract'. For everything that isn't, we intervene. 

So, you are monitored, both when you are awake and asleep, and know how much you are loved by all of us, here in what Carla calls, 'Sky Crew'. (he gives a friendly wave and a smile, then pulls a DiNiro and uses his fingers to say, 'I am watching you')