Monday, August 18, 2014

Waiting For The Right Wave

Imagine you are paddled out, in a 3/2 full length wetsuit, sitting on your board, and facing out to the ocean. You are watching the waves rolling in. They come in sets. You see a right break, the waves are coming in on such a direction that the face of the wave and the lip is just right for you.

There is nobody in your way...

You decide to take it! You paddle with all your might and  OH!

You didn't catch it.

For some reason that wave wasn't the right one for you. You can relax--of course! There is another great wave out there waiting for you...

Well, why the heart and brain on a see-saw, instead of some really cool pictures of shredders (really good surfers are called shredders)?

Because today we are going to discuss the waves of energy that are coming in to you as you wait in the moment of Now, and they bring in 'lessons' of 'self-discovery' for you.

Here are some examples of 'waves':

The Strong Emotion:
I call this one you put in a nickel of stimulus and get fifty-cents' worth of reaction out of you. Your emotions are in high gear--anger, annoyance, frustration, fear, or even overwhelming surprise with joy.
This one, if you choose to ride it, is going to help you discover something VERY important about yourself.
Here's an example--there was a time I was terrified of spiders. Horrified, dancing and screaming at the sight of one, saying, 'Kill it! Kill it!' and then I would smash, smear it to make sure it was dead, and then flush it to make it go away.
Spiders are a common fear, right?
Well, not in my case. When I was four, I was traumatized sexually. I was told to keep it a secret. So in my grandmother's closet was an advertisement for a local exterminator with a big black widow on it. When I was little, I couldn't share my trauma. But in the dark closet, which subconsciously represented things I hid from myself and the world, I would stare at that image of the spider. And in time, the memory buried, and instead a pathological fear of spiders turned up. It wasn't until I was twenty five that a massage therapist and healer challenged my fear, and helped me to overcome it, teaching me about the Goddess, and that spiders way of eating are like how we drink through a straw. She taught me to catch one in a glass with a magazine, and let it out of the house. One year later, my buried memory came up, and the healing, deep healing to my soul began.

Your Favorite Food or Vacation Place:
Chances are this is going to guide you to a memory of a past incarnation, or past 'life'. You will have ties to this, but just not realize it.
In college, at a discount bookstore, I stumbled across a Middle Eastern Cookbook. I was fascinated, and enjoyed making all the recipes. There was this connection that was deep to my core, and made me very happy and content.
It turns out, in ancient times, I was Mrs. Ross and cooked for our family. And this is what style of cooking we enjoyed.
Even now, one of the first things that delighted Ross about having me 'back' and conscious of him, was watching me cook. He would stand in the dining room, and watch me as I worked, and I felt his joy and contentment at my ability to throw things together and have them come out well. He loved that I am the master of my kitchen, and I am at home there, and very capable in this way.

The Bond:
Chances are there is someone in your life you are especially close to, sometimes for no reason at all. Typically this type of relationship is the kind where you might not see each other often, but you can pick right up where you left off as if no distance or time had passed between you.
These types of relationships often represent someone in your Soul Family, and as soul 'mates' you have taken turns through lifetimes together, teaching one another life lessons, and helping each other grow. These 'love ties' of the heart are unbreakable, and cross all distance and time.
Recently, someone shared that she and her counterpart (she's not sure to call it 'twin' or not)--would alternate taking turns as the 'incarnate' and the 'guide' through their many incarnations...
(also, sometimes someone you have a strong aversion too is someone with whom things did not turn out so well in a past life, too)

The Interest:
When my mother was pregnant with me, she decided to read James Michner's book Hawaii. It is a long book, and took her all nine months to read it. As it turns out, I have had past lives there, and her reading it may have been preparing her to raise me.
Similarly, when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn't get enough information about ancient Egypt. I read voraciously and bought several books! We have yet to learn about him.
But any super-strong interest that might overcome you, could be something 'more' than you might think. Why not roll with it, and in your meditations, explore what that 'something' might possibly be?

Organized Religion:
Love it? Hate it? Chances are you might have had a life on earth as a 'religious' being. And if it ended well, or poorly, that might explain the perception that you have of it.

Your Trade:
Healers tend to enjoy incarnations where their ability to heal others is advanced and put to use. Teachers are the same, as well as some of the helping professions.
Your interest and skills might be something that is a part of you, and has been, in more than this one life.

Your Relationship with Money:
Some souls choose a pre-birth contract with a 'major' in not having enough money to survive, and also, not being able to keep it. This is an excellent way to grow and burn off some karmic debt at the same time. So in your meditation, you might not be able to 'see' things that are in your Akashic Record for 'this' incarnation--but you can look to your past lives for patterns that may have led you to your current situation.

Money Can't Buy You Love:
No matter what I did, I could never feel love and companionship in this life. Things would always fall apart, and I'd get deeply hurt. Sylvia Browne helped a lot when she described herself as a 'Humanitarian-Loner', and shared her three marriages never worked out and she just gave up on relationships altogether.
One day, I had the thought, 'If I can't get anything to work here, I must have chosen this. And if I had chosen this, there must be someone pretty special up there I am not wanting to hurt by having them watch me in my love relationships in this lifetime.'
I was right.
This was twenty-years before I ever heard of Ross, or met him.
And now I know our truth!
I am quite happy now, too. Delighted in fact. And content.

I hope this gives you a taste of what the 'energies' hold for us!

So come right in! the water's fine. And you are going to have some fun with this rediscovery of who you really are and what makes you tick.

You are special. You were made just the way you are, for a purpose, and there is nobody like you that ever lived--even if you have reincarnated twenty-five times--even in THIS incarnation--you are new and special, a 'twist' on a classic, something to advance the growth and development of the old soul.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is really happy I wrote this. : )