Friday, August 29, 2014

My Funeral With Ross

He was there.

I couldn't believe it! He was THERE right next to me in the pew.

Why he would come to this funeral, I couldn't believe it.

But Ross was there next to me, and smiling, the whole time.

Did we do some energy work? A little...

Amazingly enough without my mentioning any of it to my son, who was two people away from me (our good friends Mai and Linh were between us), he SAW the Reiki symbol I gave in his mind--I had never taught him and only one person on earth besides me knows it--and kept saying not only did he sense Ross there but the Peace Sign too...(it's close, but not quite the symbol, yes?)

What was the energy healing?

See the pretty lady to the right in the photo?

She lost her mom.

It's a long story, but she is my Reiki student. I taught my precious Amber Reiki for free, because she wanted to use it to comfort her mother who had cancer that was end-stage.

She knows Reiki II.  And already, she is so spiritually advanced, that she is 'connecting' with her mother Jackie who has made the Transition to The Other Side.

So why the healing to the group that was present?

There was bad blood in the family. Feuds. Things like that. And the death was an opportunity for healing to take place for those 'lower vibration' things...

So with Ross, together, we did a healing that would Transmute these into Light.

And we did.

We almost didn't get noticed, except for our son--who in fact is Ross' spiritual child--but that's Another story...

It was a beautiful service.

Jackie's mission is complete.

Now she's home.

What did I see with my eyes that see today?

  • I saw a range of spiritual development in the people present.
  • I saw people respond to our healer, the daughter of the Jackie, as she created a sacred space, and opened her heart. I could identify and 'feel' those who 'open their heart' with ease, and others, who perhaps for today for the first time, opened it for Jackie and Amber.
  • I was AMAZED how the family of the mother, honored the generations of strong women before them--who insisted that 'blood is thicker than water' and built a legacy of love and support among the women to help with their survival in this often unpredictable world.
  • I sensed how illness affects those around us, our family and friends, very deeply, and how lessons are taught.
  • I laughed with delight at how the mother, in her last stages of illness would 'sell her diapers' for money, once to go out in a wheelchair in the rain with a cake box on her lap to bring home a cake for a loved one. Or perhaps a tea set for her granddaughter.
  • The Divine Masculine was present and working in tip-top shape as the father of Amber, and the former partner of Jackie, paid his respects in front of the group. He also got back up to lead a small concluding prayer.
  • Amber led the service with a request for her mother's favorite song, played by those who played it for her on guitar, Mary Do You Know? was very, very Galactic for music to be used like this, Sirian, indeed.
  • I spoke, for I knew Jackie--I was the anesthesiologist when the Amber gave birth (we reconnected through Reiki, and I had completely forgotten I had ever had her as my patient. It was Amber who figured it out, and asked me to look at the medical records.)--and I always remembered her, who was enjoying the birth of her granddaughter while having a diagnosis of cancer.
  • I saw how the responsible ones gave the gift of dignity to Jackie, in her illness, and sacrificed time, money, prayer, and necessities--to keep their family member clean, warm, safe, dry, with company, and with full medical care. I was amazed at this form of love that was made so visible.

It was a good day.

Thank you Ross, for attending this first social function with me. Although you were in 5D, and no one except our little one could sense you--I hope perhaps together we touched many hearts today.

Ross:  I did.
I was happy to be with you and to support you in your support of Amber and her family.
I love you very much, my sweet, delicate angel. (he hugs me)
I have to go for just a little time (shows me his thumb and finger as an 'itty bitty' gesture).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Here is the day Amber and I first 'met':