Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Healing Key Of Peace

Good morning!

The third of the Archangel Healing Keys is here for you.

Remember, you don't need any formal training in Reiki to use them. They are for free, and all you need to do is draw them with a finger or crystal onto you skin anywhere you feel so moved, and then immediately after, in the air a little above your skin, to activate the 'key' into your aura.

I must admit, I am at a loss for some of the questions...

I am right handed? How can I do this?

My friend, this is an ANGEL key! Even if you draw it backwards and upside down, it is going to work. The ANGELS have given it to us and they WANT it to work! They will correct any mistakes. TRUST.

The reason that it was said to put it on the 'right arm' is because it is traditionally where Archangel Gabriel speaks to us who are very sensitive in our energy healing work. It is to give credit to the magnificent being who is guiding us through the gift of these keys.

Where are these keys from? What is the story?

This is an archangel to incarnate archangel to incarnate archangel transmission. There is clear channel all the way through to you. Archangel Lauren got it from Archangel Gabriel and gave it to me to give to you. 'It's from the angels'--you are free to use them or not, as you decide with your own Free Will for you.

Why are these keys here, right now?

Because it's time for everybody who is able, and has interest, to energetically prepare for the chance to get out of the Matrix--if they so wish. If you want to live in perfect health, in perfect abundance and prosperity, and in peace, joy, love that defy all understanding, these are for you.

If you want to go enjoy more time in 3D and duality, you probably wouldn't be reading this, but if you do, you have my blessings to go and categorize and scrutinize and decide with you mind and not your heart before you 'accept' anything that --outside of this 'matrix' -- is freely understood as a healing art that is angelic.

It's up to you.

Here is the video and the key.

Blessings, Love and Light....enjoy! <3

here is the link in case your phone doesn't show it:

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc