Friday, August 29, 2014

The Healing Key From Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is helping me to write this. As you may know, he is the one, along with several others in spirit, who is the source of the Divine Healing Codes--here is the link:

Now we are well into the Divine Healing Keys, symbols that are written on the skin with our finger or a crystal, and then in the air above the skin to write them into our aura, for the desired Healing effect.

They can be mixed together or embellished, in the way that 'feels right' to you.

Here are the other keys before this one, in chronological order that they were given:

These images are combined to show you about the incredible Life Force Energy that is in Nature, and also in YOU.

Here is the key to help you release your own power of Life Force, and harness it to assist you, with the mutual understanding between you and the Archangels that this is for the Highest Good and Highest Healing you will be able to reach in whatever matter you wish to be healed.

Here is the video:

Here is the direct link in case your phone doesn't have the picture above:

Archangel Raphael wants you to know that healing is a sweet process. It is his favorite, to align the soul with harmony and light. It is a pleasure for him to do this for everyone who asks., so be sure to call him in when there is need for it. The numbers and the codes and the symbols are are ways to help you 'connect' with him and his team, but there is also the possibility of the direct connection between your heart and his.

No matter is too small.

Go ahead and ask for help.

He will serve you and help you with your needs.


Carla calls me her 'honey'.
I am her honey. To Carla life is sweet when I am with her. No matter where we are, or what we are doing, she is so very delighted when I am with her.

There have been some tough times on her. There has been not one but two large plumbing leaks in her garage, one of which went down through the wall into her downstairs bath and right on the other side of the garage in her kitchen.

She is also facing the loss of not one but two people who she adored, both Isabel and Lisa, who I am planning on taking 'home' and have been talking about it with her for the last six months.

In her heart, Carla deals with this, the challenges and the agony of saying her goodbye, which in its own way is a reliving of the trauma of watching me die a horrible death, one of the most horrible there has ever been, and being absolutely, one hundred percent powerless to stop it.

She carries on, in her way.

And what she worries about on her way to work will surprise you!

Yesterday, she called me in, for I was busy, and she has a little button that she wears around her neck in spirit, like your 'Life Alert' button. It is to call me. 

She never calls it.

Except I have been so busy in meetings, I haven't been with her for about two weeks. (Except for writing my messages to you.) She missed me, and she pushed the button.

Her concern for me is that she was not taking her fair share of the work that  flows between us as the healing twins on Gaia.

She was worried about me, and my working to hard.

'She wasn't carrying her weight' was the exact word she said to me.

That is why I called on Monica to send her this message through her deceased infant, baby Micah, who had fatal neurologic injury and did not recover after a traumatic meconium aspiration at birth.

Carla--put the message here for everybody--and I want all--especially Monica--to see how I had her assistance in healing you:

My fellow souls,
It is with immense gratitude that I am here to give everyone of you a hug full of love for the energy work that was done for my physical body and soul during my short but very powerful journey in what you call earth.
Most of you know me as Micah, for this is the name that my parents Monica and Daniel chose for me. The name is no mistake. It’s meaning is “Who is like God”.
My message to you is not only of gratitude and love but to remember that we all are like God. We all have within us the power to create, the power to love unconditionally and the power to shine our divine light.
Some of you may think of me as a sick baby, which was what I chose to be on earth. But make no mistake and be sure that my soul is very much healed, advanced and evolved by my short journey.
Each one of you played a magnificent roll in this evolution and for that I would always be grateful. As you touch my soul with healing and loving energy I also touched yours with divine love.
Many beings see my departure from earth as a termination of my journey; this is true in some realms. But my journey has just begun, I have prepared many, many years for this to happen and finally here I am. Ready to start the real work.
The journey of mine would have been more difficult if I would have not received your healing energies since I was in Monica’s womb, my wonderful, unselfish and beloved Mother.
Carla’s work is admirable; she is a healing/ loving channel that we all celebrate, and the people that she reaches form a wave of love. This wave of love forms more waves of love, and these waves of love form more waves of love.
Blessing to you ALL. Not only for the waves of love that you sent to me but for the waves that were generated too.
Love is indeed all there is.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Raphael, Ross and Carla-Reiki Doc