Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mice and Men?

Today I am going to share with you about a pet in my home, and what I had to do about it.

See this mama mouse with her two pups? There's more than two. There are like eight. I had noticed her belly swelling up in the 'All Male Mouse' cage I had at home. Then two days ago she suddenly got thin. I couldn't see the babies. There was a grey mouse lying on them when she went to feed.

Then I saw the blood on a tissue.

Was that from childbirth?

I didn't think so, because I've seen lots of rats and mice give birth.

Then I saw a 'funny patch' at the base of the black and white mouse cage-mate's tail?

I had never seen anything like that before...

Let me tell you what I know about mice:

  • baby mice 'pinkies' are routinely given to female rats to nurse because 'they are better mothers than the mother mice' at the pet shop.
  • mother mice eat their children--or just kill them--this behavior is called 'culling'.
  • for reasons only mother mice know, they kill their young. They can single one out (disease) or destroy an entire litter. (If you take a look at the babies too soon, the mother thinks they are at risk of being eaten, so she euthanizes them first--the mouse expert who wrote a book said.)
  • The father mouse knows the litter is his, and will kill any other male that is in the cage.
  • These are feeder mice, not fancy ones.
I have only seen a mother mouse kill one baby out of a whole litter.

I have also seen remarkable coordination between both of the mouse parents in caring for their young. They make good fathers and are very involved in the raising of their litter.

So let's go back to yesterday...I bought three new 'good mouse smelling' mice for the snake, who had been in his 'hide' three days in a row. When I got the snake out, I saw grey caps over the eyes. He was about to shed. So he didn't want the mice.

I decided to store the new ones with the old ones, who I suspected had given birth, but wasn't sure. There I caught a peek of a pink baby and a brother or sister or two. 

The new mice now had access to food and water, and could stay until after the shed by the snake. But there was a commotion! The mice were chasing each other, and pinning each other down, and squeaking really loud! The tails were held up in some vertical and curved positions I had never seen. And the tiny white one was trying to get away from the attacker.

Was it mating? It didn't look like it, but it could have been. Apparently it takes him ten seconds to 'finish the job' according to what I've read about it. Perhaps one of the new ones was a female?

My son asked, 'What is going on in there?'  He could hear it in the other room over the video game.

I said I wasn't sure.

He said,  ' Let them work it out and be peaceful together, mom. Just close the door.'

I couldn't--there was something in the squeaking that was like a scream and that wasn't 'right'.

Then I saw blood on the new white one who had just been in the cage for two minutes. Mama mouse had bitten every one! I thought she was the mom, but I lifted each one by the tail, to check if it was masculine or feminine. Ah! The milk line was present in the one who was big and newly thin. The mother.

I saw bite marks on all the other males except for one, the gray one who was sitting on the nest. That must be the father of the litter!

So I took the others back to the pet shop. They had their marks on them. The woman at the counter eyed me suspiciously. I explained that mama mouse just had a litter, and was attacking the rest. I would rather if these were to die, perhaps it would be for some use like feeding a snake, rather than being 'culled' in my cage at home please?

The owner, who I know well because of my picky snake, came and put them back into the cage where they were from.

I teased him about the mice being 'all male'! He laughed and said they are like people, and some don't mature until late, so it's hard to tell when they are immature exactly what they are, although they try. This is not like people! There the gender is knowns at birth. But adolescence is unpredictable, so I gave him credit for his point about our surprise litter. 

Spirit guided me to write about this today. Now.

Why? Because strange as it may seem, there is a lot of this going on around you with humans you may know who are 'stuck' in the third dimension where there is perception that resources are limited, and only the five 'senses' are accurate at making one's way through life.

Soon their behavior and mentality is going to seem more foreign to you. More bizarre. Just like mama    mouse.

And you are going to be outraged how one can inflict hurt and wound another, and take all the resources for themselves.

You will be really surprised and think, 'what happened to them?'

And then you will know you are in 5D.  The minute you are so concerned with the safety of those who are being oppressed, that you take steps to isolate the aggressor--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally--and let them do their own thing in their own 'space' where they cannot be of harm to others.

I literally drove them to a safer place, the other mice.

I didn't want that in my house. I didn't want that on my conscience. I didn't want to promote suffering in any way at all.

Nor will you.

Once you Ascend to 5D. 

It will happen in the blink of an eye--your outlook on the world will change--everything else seems constant, but your reaction to it, your perception, gets a major upgrade and that is enough to propel you to a whole new life of your ability to manifest it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc