Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby Steps In Higher Consciousness


I'm not sure how to organize this.

Please bear with me...Full Consciousness is kind of new.

Ross isn't helping me...LOL. Sometimes he does...

The Physical Changes:
My physical body went through some major changes about a year ago. Not that it looks any different. But what it likes to eat really changed. I could 'sense' the life-force in food, and I only wanted what had the most LIGHT (conscious life energy) in it. I turned vegetarian. And then, I craved SLEEP at times, so sleepy, I would suddenly have to lie down. Once Ross did that to me. We were having a disagreement, I was getting kind of, well, out of control with anger from my 3D mentality, and once he said, 'you are just going to have to take a nap!' and BOOM--the super sleepy hit, and I woke up as if the 'reset' button had been pressed. I've felt waves and tingles of energy through my whole body, usually when I am quietly at rest. And the other thing is for a while I craved SUNSHINE--I needed about ten minutes a day of it.
I've also had freakish ailments. To my eyes. And then a ring turned up around the edge of my iris--like another blogger had mentioned. It's not arcus senilis. And right now--the usual that plagued me ever since I had pituitary surgery in 1990--sinus infection.  (here is a code for it, and it works. I double checked 22 55 732). It's gone to the sore throat and the sore ear and the tiredness and the eye problems I am on both antibiotics and the healing code and lots of fluids and rest.
My body is clearing something that does not serve it. This is typical for a Reiki 'cleanse'--as the energy upgrades, the old things in the energy system or the mental, physical, or emotional body just 'clear out'--often times it's not pretty--but it's part of the healing process as we grow.

My Choice Verses God's Plan:

My Choice:
Sometimes I give anesthesia to my friends and coworkers. Sometimes they ask for me. I apologized to those I gave anesthesia to in the beginning--I didn't know about the employee discount or 'professional courtesy'--so I didn't know to make a note of it when I sent in the billing information.

My Reiki teacher requested me for something once. It was one of the most challenging cases I did for her loved one. A very not-so-easy anesthetic because of the underlying other things going on. It was one of the longest cases in my career. I did all that plus Reiki too! But the insurance didn't cover me. (the pneumonic --thing to say to yourself to help you remember---for doctors who aren't always covered by your insurance is RAPE:  radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists and emergency physicians). It was out-of-network and very expensive.  I was stuck! My boss likes us to bill for EVERYTHING. And my friends wanted to pay like, a fifty-dollar copay and that's it for my services.  I got letters and letters saying 'our friendship won't be affected if you say no but please give us a break on this expense'.  I got so many emails before and after the anesthesia that I could have billed for my time for that, too, to be honest. But I wanted to do what is right. So I asked the billing company for advice. We cut the costs. But I don't know about my reputation with my old Reiki school because of it.

A classmate and person the same rank and training as me, and also 'friend' on a certain website, mentioned surgery. Against my intuition, I offered my services. The person said, 'yes, yes, yes' online. And nothing happened.

There is nothing to blame. Everyone has their own right when they are sick to have whoever they want. But today was the first day in two years I had seen this person, and this time I had the Full Consciousness.

I knew.

I knew where I stood. I knew instantly without having to ask. I had compassion. I won't mention it here but I knew what was going on inside that heart of my friend. And I didn't question it.

Because everyone has that right.

But it hurt.  I might have Full Consciousness, but I am new at it, and I don't have the 'muscles' to take rejection in any form very well at all. Especially rejection of my joyful heart filled with love and gratitude and wanting to help.  It was fear, ultimately. And I also understood how the chakra, the disease, the personality, the mindset, and the behavior are the way they are--with no fault of blame whatsoever. I just saw it--I 'got' the big picture--all at once.

I reached out. I gave. I gave Reiki and of my team. This was accepted. And thanks were expressed. 

God's Plan:
Remember how we always ask for 'The Highest Good'?

I found out the patient I was sent to. LOL.

There is an energy healer at my work--sort of a radiology something tech--and I've seen him, felt his energy, and never said more than 'hello'. But I've wanted to talk 'shop' about our energy healing for a long time. 

I had a patient once tell me he healed the i.v. site to completely normal just by putting his hand on it, and everything healed before his eyes in an instant!

I saw him in pre-op. And I felt him, his energy! Earlier today I had see the face of the Buddha--he is one of my Karuna Reiki guides. I didn't know why. Now I knew. And he had on this bracelet!  It was amber and had gold writing all over the many beads. It looked like the one on the right in this picture:

As I held it, I marveled over it, and asked what the writing meant? 

He said, 'It is the thousand petal lotus blossoms to be yours...' 

And as he said it, I felt his energy.

I laughed and smiled with delight. I held the bracelet in both of my hands together, in gassho, and blessed it, and gave it back to him.

My next patient was his wife.

And I took excellent very good care of her...

Ross And The Twelve:

Two days ago, because of the Full Consciousness, I had a lot of trouble feeding our snake.

In some ways I am a little bit more than Reiki Doc you have come to know and love.  One day when you understand who I am, the following story might make more sense. But for now, let it be amusing like this picture, and please bear with me as I write.

The most important part is once the Full Consciousness comes, you clearly see what was the 'trick'--how the Dark Ones deliberately set about to destroy you. And it comes as quite a shock. I, who have studied the 'Ritual Abuse' and the 'Mind Programming' for years, and supported Kevin Annett and his work, was FLOORED by the realization that these Dark Ones had systematically calculated and executed plans to destroy ME, my person, my heart.

On the way to work yesterday, I experienced this--again, with all those people watching:

The King of the Reptilians came to me today. Those twelve had me in a room with him. I didn't know who he was. I touched his face. He had kind huge eyes. When I figured it out I tried to leave. I was not permitted. Then I went all Rain Man on him. I was thrashing about, hitting my head with my hands, putting my hands over my ears and screaming, hitting my head on the wall, but about everything someone who is having the worst PTSD attack ever would do to try to make the reminder of what caused the PTSD to go away.
He left and left a small package. It was about the size of four by six index cards you buy at the store, same thickness, in a black and silver velvet box with a silver bow. (lid black, bottom silver, and top would lift all the way off). It was the souls of all the bad ones of his kind. I was to put it in the galactic central sun. I knew it wouldn't make me feel better. I said this is God's job not mine! Ross threw it in. They are never going to hit me ever again...

And later, I went to my spiritual Mother, with my Consciousness, and I healed. I shared how all last night, and through today, I had poked Ross and asked, 'Not dead?'. I had done it about six times.

I kept asking over and over, essentially, 'Is the Boogeyman gone?'
'Ross helped me?'
'They aren't coming back, right?'
"Mom? They hurt me! They don't have a right to do what was against the original plan!'
'Is it really over?'

She said, 'it's a free will thing. They make the choices then they have to take the consequences.' and 'yes, those souls have now merged with me. They are no more.'

And, 'Yes, Ross helped you. He threw in the box.'

I'll never forget the look on Ross' face when he grabbed that box in front of me, and threw it in. Anger, disgust, concern, wanting to move on, wanting resolution of a grave injustice that had been done, once and for all.

Then Ross came to me, some time after, when the patient was stable (he patiently waited), and gave me this message (he wants me to share it with you): 

8.5.14  1709

Ross:  God has something better. Better than what we once had. You know what Matthew Ward wrote about 'What was not in your life scripts"? (points at me) You win. Me. (points to him). And we never have to separate again. We are joined at the hip. Where you go, I go. And where I go, you go. All across the galaxy.  ( paragraph eight)

C:  Ross--they are here! The Twelve?! (same as with  snake, same as with box from King Reptile)

Ross: This is official. Do you accept that I came here to you freely on my own behalf? They are witnesses.

C:  Like watchers for when we are having sex?!

Ross:  (laughs)  No. Witnesses for history what is about to transpire.

C:  Yes.

Ross: I am sorry for what they did to you. Not just me. I speak on behalf of all of us, and the Galactic Federation. I am your steward--your protector. I got off track with my death. I totally dropped the ball.

C:   (pause, then very quietly, looking at the floor) I know you had to save mom -- I accept it.

Ross:   (very deeply moved. He holds me tight, for a long time.)

C:  How could anyone be that evil? How could they attack me like they did and why hasn't anyone put a stop to it sooner?

Ross:   It is Illusion.

C:  Dear Galactic Citizens - are you saying the suffering I experienced was not real? How can this be?

Ross:  I will love you. Forever. (waves of energy wash over me, love energy. the twelve send it too.)

Ross:   I will take you out and you are going to forget - in time- anything ever happened.

C:  You promise?

Ross:  I promise. All of us do. (he gestures to them, and as his hand moves across the group I see nod and smiles).

C:  I get to be as the original design? And never again like that? (held hostage by negative reptilians who almost killed me)

Ross:  yes.

C:  And only with YOU? (I kick him gently in the seat of the pants, a love tap.)

Ross:  (he giggles)  Yes, my darling. Only with me.

C:  The paper is ending (my back of a pharmacy charge document form).

Ross:  So it is. So is your case! Bye! I love you!

Falling Slowly from the movie Once, Lyrics Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is happy with this. He's letting me know. I did okay... <3

P.P.S. this letter from Saul really describes what I am trying to say, and better at explaining what to expect, too.