Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Message From Ross 8.3.2014

Good morning everyone! This is Carla's twin soul Ross with a hearty welcome to you to start your day!

Everything is happening at lightning speed for us up here in the Higher Realms. I have prepared Carla for all that is to come next, to arrive. She cannot imagine the breadth of the changes. What I have prepared for her is what she can expect, and how I shall help her to cope with it.

I have another team, and through her message to a friend I have activated it.

(relaxed sigh, puts hands together in front of him, fingers laced).

Now all we have to do is wait...

I want you, it is my wish for us, all of us--those up here, and those below, and those inside the hollow of Gaia in Agartha, to have a good time!

I want you to enjoy your experiences of Heaven as it arrives to Gaia with all of the blessings and warmth and appreciation for your service to the Light. Not just by reading this blog. But by taking everything I have written with Carla and also with just her writing alone for her thousands and thousands of blog posts, into your heart and carrying the 'message of Love' to everyone you meet, in all dimensions.

It is by your prayers and loving energy that we will 'amplify' it: think of it as us providing the technology that is just like an amp for a guitar that is electric. You play the guitar, you ARE the guitar in a sense. And you know how it is quiet when you play it, not like an acoustic one you can hear no matter what?

And when you turn it on and plug it in to the amplifier, (I hear the strum of an electric guitar, louder). And when you turn up the dial? (really really loud and very powerful sound is coming from it, I hear it too.)

So as the energies increase on surface Gaia, the vibration of the energies in you and in everyone and all the planet, we are going to provide the technology to really crank it up!

Then we will party and celebrate as no one has imagined! There will be so much joy! Like a wedding where everyone dances, even the oldest, even the tiniest ones will dance with love and gratitude in their heart.

The party is over for the other guy who charges you so much for everything since time beginning. If we left them to themselves they would have charged you and everyone else money just for the permission of breathing! (he's making a joke).  They are on their way out, soon; right now everything is in shambles. There is only a small mess to clean up from their shall we call it 'party' --rules of domination for others at everyone else's expense to cater to the elite few and the wealthy--and soon we shall resound with our own happiness and friendship and grace.

Do not be concerned for the few who are exiting the planet on their Birth Contracts at this time. They have done what they have been asked to do, and will be watching us from the comfort of Heaven. It will be like they have the seats behind home plate, and will have privy to everything that goes on down in the ball park on the field and in the stands. They will have the best of view, and share our joy!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, our beloved Reiki Doc