Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Got You Down?

You value to Source.

You are infinitely LOVED.

I just got a letter from someone who is in really hard times--no money, no place to live, and what appears to be no way out.

It asked for help.

I sent Reiki.

I also wrote this. As I wrote it, I felt it was being channeled. I think it might be helpful for other people too:

Hi D,
What you are experiencing is called a Dark Night of the Soul. Every spiritual person has one. In your case, it is for material things-survival--food--shelter.
In mine it was in Relationship. Nothing ever, ever worked out. I was abandoned at four months pregnant, only to have him come back and sue me for custody. My life was a waking hell on earth. This was after two failed and abusive marriages.

It gets better.

It's not easy, but it gets better.

You have YOU.
You are eternal.
This is an illusion.
Your spiritual YOU is what is real.

For some reason, YOU 'signed up' for this crazy lesson.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to hear with your heart--start counting your blessings.

The energies are such that what is on our minds is going to happen.

And for you to survive, one single thought of 'Costa Rica is brutal'--even though it is--is like putting gasoline on a barbecue.

It starts with the mind, and the heart, and the emotions. Once that is generating or manifesting things you want--and keep giving thanks and blessings for it--really try to heal this situation from a Higher Dimensional perspective.

Ask for All Divine Assistance, and accept whatever comes.

Archangel Nathaniel is the one to call when everything seems impossible.

Meditate as often as you can. Get in tight with Spirit. Keep your Vibration UP. Keep focused on your happiness--and the goal is for positivity to 'have a snowball effect' and increase your abundance and prosperity.

Abundance and prosperity will not increase if you focus on Abundance and prosperity.

Abundance and Prosperity arrive to supply the means to a dream, to a life goal, to a life Purpose that is in the heart. Think of the olympic athlete who eats, breathes, sleeps with the thought of winning the gold. And everything else just happens to come along to fuel that dream and make it happen.

Set your sights to the life you want to have, for example, like I did on wanting to be a doctor and help people--on my Purpose.

You have a Purpose too. It is important. In Stillness you will find it.

Life isn't easy, I know.

Remember you are so LOVED by God and the Angels.  Ask them for their help, just like you ask me. Ask them every day. And don't ask them to 'prove' anything. They are here to assist but we have to do the work with our thoughts and our hearts and our spirits. You will get 'hints' and 'opportunity chances', often at the last minute, for that is what angelic guidance tends to be like.

And know this is not forever.

Nothing is forever while we are incarnate on Earth.

Hang in there. Do the best you can. Keep your mind in a state of love, joy and happiness--even if that takes some discipline on your part. Try to imagine St. Germain following you around with a big sack and holding it open so you can pluck out your negative thoughts and throw them in there for 'compost'.   Every thought we think has the ability to create--it is loaded with the power of manifestation. So keep them harmonious with the life you want to live.

Be thankful for the air, for water, for food, and for kindness.

This will build on itself.

Let me know how you do, okay? I care.

Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

Reiki Doc