Thursday, January 23, 2014

Silver Stars

Recently I was asked to write about 'something about dealing with reptilians if you are empathic'.


I write.

Tell them to go away.

They have to listen to your command. They will go.

This applies to any Dark entity or anything that 'shows up' in your dreams, in your meditation, in your consciousness. This applies to any Voice, any Presence, anything that gives you a 'bad feeling'.

This also applies to people who you interact with who are of Very Low Vibration.

You have mobility.

Use it.

Walk away. Roll away if you have a wheelchair. Use crutches, a cane, whatever...just love yourself enough to let it go.

If you are in a committed relationship, and finances are sketchy, then the next best thing is LOTS of personal protection with the White Light and a Safe Place where you can go to and relax.

In my first marriage, that 'safe place' was a folding chair up on the roof of the apartment building. I would go up and watch the Golden Gate Bridge and the fog, and cry my heart out, praying for some help as to what to do...

I ended up studying, taking the MCATS, applying to medical school, and moving away. It was so awful I used to pray to God to watch over my soul while I slept. To let it leave the unhappy place and be free for a few hours. It was that bad.

Well what if you want to get rid of negative entities, attachments or anything else you 'encounter' in your healing work?

That's easy.

And you aren't going to like it.

It sounds boring, but it's true.

Refer out.

Recognize you are outside the scope of your practice, and send the client somewhere else. 

You can leave them worse off, and also kill the entity that is in them, if you are not trained to do it in the first place.


If you 'sense' something in the aura while you are healing, leave it alone. It won't like you, and will stay away. Just do your thing and work with your guides.

Well, you may ask me,  Reiki Doc, how can YOU take out the entities?

I know someone who could. I knew it was possible. I hired her to 'clean' and 'protect with the golden mesh' my boy, his sitter, her son, my mom, my sisters, my brother in law, my niece, my nephew, my baby daddy, his uncle, his grandma, his grandpa, my uncle, his girlfriend, my nana, and my person who would room in my house. I also have hired her for the husband of a nurse who had terrible pancreatic pain, and the son of a friend. Oh yes, and one childhood friend. Alexandra AND Steven Meadors, with their full consent. And all of their houses too. Every single one, I saw the reports.

Although I asked, I never got her to agree to 'train me'.

But in the O.R., I'd encounter 'those entities' when I'd do Reiki.

I'd asked my guides to 'fix it' and to 'take care of it' the minute I saw one for years! I also paid an equivalent of Margaret's fee for a good cause (for the energy exchange) every time I did this with them 'on an emergency basis'. I couldn't let that 'thing' stay in the patient while they were in the O.R.

Then, one time,  they told me to 'go in'. I had a full team of 'back up', guides I've worked with for years and years and knew very well. This is their specialty--taking out negative entities and rehabilitating them so they wouldn't die. Most 'removals' harm the thing being taken out.

That is how I learned. My guides trained me. I went in with them, and gave it immediately to the team. I always work with them and I never ever work alone.

I hope this answers your questions.

Oh yes, the other thing I do, is to keep my Vibration way the heck up. And I've had removals and protection from Margaret Mc Cormick, and from Alexandra Meadors

When it is right for you, you will know it is your purpose and your calling.

You will understand the risks.

You will not be alone.

Otherwise, tell them to Go Away and LEAVE YOU ALONE.

This goes for reptilians, illuminati, archons, etc. They have to go. The laws of Free Will apply.

I had one looking at me yesterday. It was the face of Pope Francis. I don't know what to make of him. Is he like Ben Fulford says? Is he Jesuit agenda? I don't know. So I said, just to be safe, GO AWAY!
And it did. Just like that.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I also have an arrangement with Spirit to remove entities and install the protection around everyone who reads my blog, likes the Facebook page, or follows on Twitter. I donated my book, 'Messages From My Patients' onto this blog instead of selling it. One chapter at a time, you will find the messages from the deceased to their loved ones, or to me, their physician who was present at the time of their passing from this world. Just look it up, one chapter at a time, under the search 'Messages From My Patients'. Some chapters have duplicate numbers, but other than that, it is verbatim what each spirit said to me. It is my gift to Humanity, worth way more money than I could imagine! But helping YOU is worth so much more to God. That's why I gave it up.