Friday, January 31, 2014


This morning, right before I woke up,  I saw this with my third is a lesson on forgiveness, renewal, and hope.

Ross and I were strained. Things were not flowing smoothly after the revelations from yesterday.

I was called to the helm.

I was in my gown, and there was total and complete silence. My footsteps echoed in the room.

All eyes were on me.

I went to Ross who was seated in his chair.

Slowly, tracing my finger on him as I walked, I circled the chair seven times.

I stopped. I looked into his eyes, and said, 'I forgive you.'

In a loud voice, I called out, and asked to see those who had conspired against me to steal the boy child when I gave birth!

There was a row of seven individual that manifested before me.

The second from the left was an archon in a human body.

He went to the Galactic Central Sun at once.

On the far left was the advisor to my husband, Ross. I looked at him coolly, leveled my gaze, and in a loud clear voice, asked, 'Are you ready to serve the Goddess?'

He shook his head no, and he too, disappeared, apparently off to the Galactic Central Sun.

The fourth one from the left was the wet nurse. 
'I kept him alive!' she pleaded with me.
I shook my head, looked her in the eye, and said, 'Your kind is the scourge of all women! How dare you come between a mother and her son! I cast you to the depths of hell for all eternity!'
And crying, she was gone.

The doctor was next.
I cut off his hands, and left him to fend for himself in all realms, in all dimensions, for all time.

I skipped one, and the last one, on the far right, was the foster father who raised our Benjamin.
He too, pleaded on his own behalf, stating the child was raised in love and was given the best that there was to be given.
I stopped.
I could barely contain my fury.
Slowly, almost more than a whisper, I asked, 'Each and every day you had the opportunity to make things right. Now, did you? Did you send our son back to his mother? Did you honor the Goddess and change your heart?'
He looked at the floor, and shook his head, no.
Off he went to the Galactic Central Sun.

The third and the sixth individuals did not manifest to me. But they were not spared.

When this was finished, it was as if they never had been born.

The timelines shifted.

Instantly I saw a movie of the birthing room.

Ross was waiting outside.

My mother-in-law BM was my midwife, and assisted me.

The child, a healthy boy with a head full of dark hair like mine, was placed on my chest.

Images of a childhood filled with love, laughter, and delight flooded my consciousness. Alexandra enjoying her brother. Ross being a doting father to all. 

Light was everywhere!

(There wasn't a dry eye on the helm--all of the Galactics were watching, and were touched by the resolution of the events that had passed between Ross and me.)

At that moment, my son came into my room. He'd had a nightmare. I invited him to crawl into my bed. I held him as he shared what he had seen--the mime clown outside the window that always frightened him.

My mother's heart knew he was upset by what happened between Ross and me in the past.

I explained how the timelines were erased, the guilty had met with their justice, and that it was as if it had never happened. We would be happy again, together, all of us, in Spirit, one last time.

I sensed Ross embracing both of us, and I heard him say, 'I love you'.

I shared this with my son, and he said, 'I love him too.'

Then I felt the spirit of Benjamin! He said he loves his brother, and looks forward to meeting him again.

My boy relaxed. And after a short time, he went back to his room.

I looked up a card before I left my room. I felt the Mary Queen of Heaven deck 'nudging' me.

Blessed Mother said, 'Take the farthest one from hell'

One card stood out above the rest, and I drew it:


I trust that God has a wonderful solution and brilliant plans in store for me.

This is a message about retaining hope, even if you have no idea how the situation can resolve itself.
(I had asked God to help me with this the instant before I first woke up, and I literally said, 'God I don't know how to do this will you please guide me on how to make Peace with Ross?')

Jesus taught about the importance and the power of faith, and your circumstances require it. A person who carries hope in his or her heart is trusting in God's plan. This translates into someone who is happy, relaxed, and easygoing, which is a winning and magnetic personality that attracts helpful people and golden opportunities.

This card asks you to remain optimistic about your future and to continue giving worries, cares, insecurities and other forms of fear to God, Who will heal them. In answer to your prayers for increased hope and faith, spiritual help is available to bolster your positive outlook.

I went downstairs and while I was making breakfast, this song popped into my head. As I listened, I felt the energy signature of Ross!

Just The Way You Are, by Bruno Mars

As I watched this video--I never have--I felt the love come back from long ago. 
And when I saw the bell, I knew it was Ross.

That's his sign to me.

The ringing bell...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc