Sunday, January 5, 2014

Twin Flame Update: Saturday

Mine came to me as I drove into work, he was smiling and held a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I could see the paper, and him smiling, as he leaned in lose to my face an said, '"today is going to be a good day for you."

I was touched, deeply, and gave thanks with great joy for this is the first time Now he has ever given me flowers! I adore them, and took the bouquet with both Spirit hands, and inhaled the fragrance and smiled big. My face was beaming!

Our relationship across the Veil is very supportive of each other. It is mutual and our happiness is from being together once again at this time,

This is why a certain article that was written on Twin Flames puzzles me. It goes on an on with the mind, struggling to understand and find words to explain the phenomenon that is about to happen widely all over Gaia--the reunion of the Twin Souls, and Illuminated Twin Flames.

It is the most natural thing in the world! and if one is off-planet, as many couples are across the veil like us (one to support the other from afar), the distortions of vibrations and Karmanic debts each twin has are minimal. The energy is easy and 'feels right'.

Here is the article:

You can see in the article how her partner suddenly left her--and yet she discovered that something more energetically favorable for her soul growth and learning soon came to take its place.

Her heart is going to lead her to trust in the process of spiritual growth, first, and then her mind will understand the beauty of living with spirit in harmony and not fighting what is sent for our Highest Good as a spiritual being.

This is important in being able to 'grow with spirit'.

I would like to share with you today a powerful lesson of Cosmic Love and Harmony. It is number 21 of the series of YouTube videos by 777Alaje. He is an incarnated Pleiadian. I have learned a great deal from him, and I highly appreciate his work.

This will help you to understand the perspective of Ascension from a very practical point of view, with many examples and personal experiences of individual Lightworkers who accompanied him to Greece. I recommend starting with his first video in the series to get the maximum benefit, but for a start, here is number 21.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This was indeed a very good day for me, both personally and professionally. I treasure these memories of yesterday in my heart.

P.P.S. Here is one more article that was sent to me. It will blow your mind about Reiki...

Angelic Reiki Anastasios..
There are many differences between the systems of Reiki taught around the world and Angelic Reiki . All those attending to the seminars[Angelic Reiki] or make treatments perceive differences , however it is good[as Anastasios] to give a description of the principal differences that define the system in relation to the others systems...
It is now generally accepted that the system of healing known as Reiki , is the primary treatment system that was practiced in Atlantis . It is also accepted that the civilization of Atlantis was higher consciousness regarding contact with the Divine Wisdom , that of our society today . Atlantis vibrational symbols used to communicate with the divine energies , which when applied to a closed system , such as the physical body , bringing balance and alignment with the archetypes according to which created the body . This is the method of operation of each treatment.
Humanity , as part of the original race of Atlantis , chose the steady descent in the density of the material world . As a result , create the base chakra , the programming of the flight or fight instinct , which in turn has raised the standards of the leader of the herd , the tribe , the King and then the ego . The growing ego , created rifts among the priests of Atlantis , causing hostility , selfishness and ultimately led to the demise of Atlantis through misuse of actions for personal benefit . In the same way, all internal practices used by the priests of Atlantis fell into a state of disconnection from the Divine Archetypes and lost purity - purity .
The therapeutic system of Atlantean rediscovered by Dr Usui around 1880 , due to humanity at that time was located on the opposite side of the cycle of 26,000 years of the solar system , since Atlantis was destroyed . There is an internal interaction in each cycle , when the points are at 180 degrees from one another.
The therapeutic system again discovered by Dr Usui kept strictly through the lineage of chastity transmission of symbols brought to light by Dr Usui.
The spiritual understanding of humanity in 1880 revolved around the fact that we are part of a system known as Solar System . This means that the mental and spiritual humanity of that time could perceive the existence of only a part of the solar system , and could not understand anything beyond this reality . Given that the channel can be unearthed only things depending on where the consciousness at the time of diversion , the symbols discovered by Dr Usui, given the vibration of humanity that period , ie the vibration of the solar plexus .
Since the 1880s , humanity has expanded consciousness at an accelerated rate . After the Second World War , a giant leap in consciousness caused by the massive clearing of the war , allowed humanity to expand its consciousness so as to accept the fact that we are in a solar system is part of a galaxy of many solar systems . This could be called galactic consciousness . The rise of science fiction in popularity and acceptance that there may be other races in the galaxy , this reflected consciousness .
All Reiki systems developed since then expanded over the symbols of the traditional system of Reiki symbols and gave them the new vibration of galactic consciousness that corresponds to the heart chakra .
Since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 , took another leap in consciousness that are allowed to the Reiki symbols vibration higher than that of the heart chakra . When Angelic Reiki was channeled in 2003 , we knew that coordination symbols was the vibration of the throat chakra . The vibration resonances increased steadily since then. By anchoring the Crystal Grid in November 2005 , found that for the first time since the time of Atlantis , healing symbols of Atlantis could be given full and 7 levels of form and Divine Form .
In Angelic Reiki symbols are all completely through 7 levels of form and Divine Form .
However , due to the strict adherence to the vibration given by Dr Usui through the transfer of genealogy , we feel that the Usui Reiki symbols are still in the vibration of the heart chakra . This does not detract from the power of Usui Reiki as a healing tool. It is up to each student to feel the vibration of the system in which they are attracted and if he makes the choice of instruments .
Since time immemorial , through all the traditions of the mystery schools , the activation of consciousness given by teacher to student through initiation . Before giving initiations , the student had to prove, usually through physical tests , it was worth getting the initiation. This practice has somewhat disappeared from the New Age movement . The initiation is an energetic attunement , the consciousness of the Master imprinted on the consciousness of the student. It is a merger , enlightenment one consciousness from another , in order to increase the vibration and awareness of the consciousness of the student , the radiant light of the Master.
Through the widespread availability of the resonances of Usui Reiki and other forms of Reiki , where Teacher arrived at the Master's level only through the presence of the seminar , without the extensive physical and mental preparation and strict lifestyle of interns in the old mystery schools , some of the resonances given today through the system of Reiki is not the highest . The student receiving such an initiation, opens himself to be captured by a consciousness which is still working through the ego , emotional dramas and attachments personality .
Angelic Reiki was always designed to be a healing system , which through the use of symbols channeling Divine Archetypal Actions coordinating bodies of seven people in the original divine vibration. To transmit these symbols for students with absolute purity - purity not given as an initiation by the teacher conducting the course. The teacher simply opens the space , a vortex of energy where the Angelic Kingdom manifests their energy around each student and anchors symbols in the appropriate chakra . Therefore , the symbols given in the divine vibration and as such affect the consciousness of each student from the time given .
In this system include traditional initiations from the first to the fourth grade. In addition , there are two other initiations is purely angelic . The Angelic Kingdom created as part of a previous round, an earlier evolution of the universe . There is considerable difference between the vibration of an Angel and the vibration of an incarnated human plasma . Recognizing this , the Archangel Metatron insisted initiation Angela Vibrate is an integral part of the system .
It is my experience that these initiations into the angelic vibration is the most intense part of this system . I understand that through these initiations increased the atomic spin of each molecule in the human body of the student receiving this attunement . This allows the student to play blended with the energy of angels who are the constant companions after this initiation...
Angels are a manifestation of the divine archetypes , what Plato called " ideas " . When you call the energy of a particular angel , depending on whom you call Angel , you are communicating with a specific archetype .
Working with the names of the Angels presupposes knowledge of what each brings Angel as archetypal energy. It is possible to " download " the energy of the Angelic Kingdom . This resembles the tune with the divine mind in archetypal level . Generally , if you do this you can access the archetypal consciousness of the macrocosm and the microcosm capture in order to bring balance.
In Angelic Reiki is merging with the angelic energy and divine intellect , which is completely different from applying a therapeutic technique or a system of reiki and invite the angels for help. And just who is this merger caused shifts in consciousness . By connecting with the divine intellect as embodied in Angelic Reiki gives you access to infinite possibilities which would not be available if we called a certain angel. This is a key difference that makes the Angelic Reiki as direct as anything needs at any given time is shown through the field of the divine mind ...Blessings for all the therapists of ET Reiki group..