Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Want To Know How To Be Vegetarian!

Yesterday was a major victory for the Light in the Doctor's Dining Room.

I didn't want to eat there. I'd had a late breakfast. I usually don't like the company, but Spirit 'nudged' me to go.

About a year and a half ago, I put up a bright white vortex in the middle of the Doctor's Dining Room at my work.

Since then, one surgeon Dr. Joe L has made a book on holistic cancer treatment. Several have shared they are vegetarians. And Chef there is working with me to bring new vegetarian options to the menu for here, the cafeteria, and the patient food...

I sat with my boss, a gastroenterologist, and a nephrologist. Later, a neurologist came and sat with us.

To my left, the gastroenterologist is 'almost vegan'. When asked by the nephrologist, who is 'wants to know more', we learned the GI doc avoids all animal cruelty. Except for pizza--where there is cheese--he skips all animal products. However, he still likes and craves meat. He said, 'I have two stars, for being vegan, while (me) she has one star for being vegetarian.'

My reason is selfish. I eat to have more energy. (The maximum amount of Light energy in food is in organic plant-based RAW food--I try this as much as possible, but my son eats meat and meals are difficult to prepare separately--so I compromise as vegetarian.) I can do a twenty-four hour OB shift and keep my energy up throughout if I eat RAW and have naps. For me, I do not crave meat in any way. It tastes like cardboard if I taste it now, and the vibration is just uncomfortable. I see images of the dead animal, sense the cruelty, and don't enjoy how my body feels when I have it. Because of my extremely low Vitamin D (I didn't supplement when I went RAW), I eat salmon (it's my medicine an d I force myself) and once in a while, eggs.

'Well, what about sushi? That's raw fish?' the nephrologist asked. The Gastroenterologist and I explained all meat is more difficult to digest, and has toxins. While RAW (which is new to the GI doc, who had a 'bad experience' at 119 degrees restaurant) contains enzymes within the food to help with the digestion. Digesting meat takes a lot of work!

My boss countered with his daughter, who is graduating from University and going to France to study abroad--has a daughter who has been vegetarian for five years and is exploring her options to resume eating meat, since in all of Europe, vegetarians are not exactly 'embraced' for their lifestyle, and there is 'so much good things to discover' there. He seemed proud, and he ate his meat and fish at the table in front of us. This is the second time he's been exposed to our non-meat ways, and also at the fund-raiser he learned I am a new vegetarian...when I sat across the table from him and asked for a special plate that did not contain meat.

On a napkin, I wrote for the nephrologist:

  • Avoid Pesticides--no GMO, have Organic only food (look for the 9 on the sticker on your produce to know it is okay. Mother's Market in Southern California is a good place to shop.)
  • Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Avoid meat, perhaps one day a week at first
  • Listen to your body
  • Supplement with B12 and Vitamin D
  • Drink fresh, clear, filtered water

Then I asked him about the safety of indocyanine green dye when injected retrograde through a nephrostomy tube for imaging into the kidney during surgery. I wanted to know if it was nephrotoxic or damaging to the collecting system. He said it's in the tubules (I think) and safe, and doesn't have much contact time, so not to worry.

I saw how asking that question helped him to trust, to go to what he understands, and to help maintain the professional relationship with me without feeling like I am trying to 'turn him into something new'.

He said his wife loves tofu, and although she eats meat, they look forward to the Vietnamese Vegan restaurant I recommend...

This is how we achieve gain for The Light--by showing up, and being Present for whoever needs what we are. With open hearts and open minds, together, we will change the world for the better!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc