Friday, January 24, 2014

A Beautiful Light: ((( Heart )))

A reader recently asked me about a video posted about some topic, 'How do I KNOW this is NOT the Anti-Christ???'

Fair enough.

Let's talk about it.

I'm not going to beat around the bush--Anti-Christ energy exists.

There is a lot of it.

Discernment is key.

How about let's make it a 'no brainer' for a first example?

Let's talk about the Near Death Experience where someone actually leaves their body and 'goes to the light' through that white tunnel.

Has anyone telling their story ever once tell you that they had to stop and think about it? You know, about where they were and if this was Heaven and if they were being tricked?

I don't think so.

Has anybody who has felt the intervention of an angel, perhaps to save their life, or to give money when they were experiencing extreme hardship, had to stop and ask, 'should I take this or might it be something that isn't holy and right???'

I don't think so about that, also.

When you behold a newborn, are you not caught up in the wonder and glory of New Life?

Does anyone stop and question the presence of a miracle at this time?

Not the new parents and grandparents and doctors and nurses and friends and family! 
(down the road the sibling might have their doubts, especially if the little one is really trying their patience! But not at the start...)

So, will you give me that there exists a place, that is called 'Heaven' for lack of a better description, where there are beings of Light such as angels, guides, Ascended Masters, and Deceased Loved Ones who exists at a VIBRATION that is Nurturing, Warmth, Love, and Compassion that is so unmistakeable that you Just KNOW what it is?????


We are halfway to our 'there' in this essay....

Wouldn't you agree there are lots of different kinds of Light on Earth, that are kind of 'between' Heaven's Unmistakeable Light, and here?

We turn on a light switch when we want to see in the dark, and in a way, we turn to 'reliable sources' when we want to discover the 'truth'.

Perhaps it might be said that our 'reaching' for certain 'sources' is a conditioned response, and in fact we are accepting 'what we are accustomed to being truth' as truth without even questioning it?

Aren't some of our 'sources' of 'Light' on Earth in fact manipulated by the Illuminati and the Cabal?
  • Government
  • Banking
  • News Media (Reuters is owned by Rothschilds)
  • Entertainment Industry
  • possibly even some large religions
  • pharmaceutical and health care industry (new technology is suppressed)
  • petrochemicals ---( P.S. I realized the other day that TRAFFIC makes them MONEY because people go nowhere and burn gasoline!!!)

In fact, many of these industries are associated with a 'sign' or a 'figurehead' that is generally accepted to mean, 'Trust Me' and 'I will fix this for you' and 'We have the solutions' and ultimately, 'Give us your power?' (and your money?)

Here is an example of how sneaky things can be--right to your subconscious--and I caution you, this might be controversial. If you watch this, and let Spirit guide you on what to watch next, you will be shown all kinds of things on YouTube that will let you know 'what's up'

People say to themselves they will know the Anti-Christ. Is it going to be all wet and slimy and scary-looking like something evil as it is, like this catfish might look to some of you? (to some Asians, this might mean 'good luck'.) People think they will recognize it and react with horror.

As a Lightworker, all I have to ask it, 'If you were trying to poison someone, would you want them to even KNOW that the poison is there? Wouldn't you make it taste good and not be able to be smelled so they would eat it or drink it?????'

The Cabal is tricky, and smart!

Here's what to look for when you want to ferret 'not-so-light' things out. You look to the emotion you feel in your heart:

Confusion and sensory overload

Dread--as in, 'I have all this more snow to shovel???'

A feeling like, 'how can that hurt? seems okay--why not?'

You totally WANT it and can't explain WHY

So here's a clue--follow the money.

Who is making money from this interaction with you?

And the clincher?

Look for the Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion in your heart...the Darkness can't fake it.

They can make everything look and seem like it's good and caring and they let you know...but the energy signature of LOVE and LIGHT is 'missing'.

Does this ring a bell?

These are the signs of Love and Heaven On Earth you can trust:

Harmony and peace

Beauty and Joy

Nurturing and warmth

Love and Gratitude

Balanced Male and Female Energies

Cooperation towards preparing for tomorrow...

I hope this answers your questions!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc