Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Crystal Unicorns

When I was in Hawaii in April for a Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist's Conference in Honolulu, I awoke right before dawn to an unseen voice.

It sounded like Blessed Mother, who I know well, and asked, 'Would you like to have a baby?'

There was another Presence there with her, a male, who was interested in my reply.

I was thirty-nine. And single. In an on-and-off relationship for about six months. I know medicine and the odds. I asked for the question to be repeated, for clarification.

'Would you like to have a baby?'

It reached my core--it was my sweetest dream come true! On second thought, I didn't want to be selfish. My reply? 'If it pleases God and is for the Highest Good, YES!'

And I forgot about it.

When I came home, because of our schedules, my boyfriend and I couldn't see each other for about two weeks. But when we did, it was wonderful! He was a massage therapist, gave me the 'super duper'--and after that, carried me up the stairs!

While we were in each other's arms, I looked up, and something that has never happened to me before in my life happened! His face changed to that of another.

His face narrowed and glowed and this being looked very much like Owen Wilson; this entity was gazing very intently at me, with so much love in his eyes...

I struggled to recognize the face, the energy, the identity of this boyfriend was not aware of it. 

Since we had shared a past life together, I supposed my boyfriend was showing me his 'old' form?

Then I became a single mom. The day I found out I was pregnant was the day my boyfriend left a note under the door explaining his wishes. I didn't know what to do. I thought about the child not knowing a father, and I couldn't do that to another human being. So I informed my ex. Co-parenting and a nasty child custody suit followed. It didn't seem like there was anything of Heaven about it at all.

Except the child. We are incredibly close, and very attentive to one another. (He is my grandfather reincarnated to protect me, the family thinks). He is bright and strong willed, with a very high energy. When he was two, the preschool teachers gave him the nickname, 'The General' because he was always telling his classmates and teachers what to do. And just last week, he had a 'page' to write on 'why we don't tell our teachers they are incorrect'.

You know, Ross looks very much like Owen Wilson.

And Ross shows a loving, caring interest in the child, just like he does to me. As a matter of fact, in one of the first contacts between us, Ross said, 'I will be a father to him when he is ready for it.' Besides being the best  'pick-up line' in the history of single motherhood, I could tell he meant it and he cared.

Today, when my little one came into bed with me to stay warm as we both woke up, Ross was present.

Ross has Unicorn energies. And he confided when he was a child he often got in trouble too, for the same reason, telling his teachers they were wrong. He wrote a lot of essays just like our son.

Yes, I believe Ross gave spiritual essence to the child that was very High Vibration at the time of his being conceived.

And today, for the first time, Ross gave our boy a tiny unicorn horn. It is detachable. Just like mine.

Ross and I together blew spirit Blue Flame (kind of like St. Germain's Violet Flame) onto the child as I held him in my arms before we got out of bed. It was our blessing to him.

As a medium, I demonstrate the ability to be Present in two dimensions at the same time--Here and The Other Side. I carry messages back and forth between the two. I also have the ability to be Here and Aboard Ship with the Galactics. And when I took my Unicorn Reiki Healing class from Sarah Shepard of Violet-Light UK, I was in Orange County, reading the material, and felt the attunement come in. As a matter of fact, a large male unicorn gave his horn to me while during the attunement. If I attach it to my forehead, I transform into one. If I take it off, I am like this as I write to you--in my Light body, not my 3D physical body, of course. Immediately I had a concern for my unicorn friend who was without his horn! I asked about it?

He said his would grow back, and not to worry.

One of the highest forms of magic there is comes to one who has a unicorn horn in their possession.

Especially when they attune themselves to Unicorn energy.

My teacher Sarah had never 'gotten around' to doing the attunement in London for me.

I am raising Ross Jr! 

This is not the only tale of something like this happening.

Recently, my Karuna Reiki student confided to me she had asked for her Twin Flame to come to her, like Ross had come to me.

He did.

A blue entity beamed her aboard ship, and gushed, 'I have been waiting for you to call!'. Their chakras lined up, they merged, and have been enjoying contact across the Veil ever since.

She is married, and like me, her son looks exactly like the father. But there was a blue angel with wings that used to come around when she was holding the baby at night. He would kneel down and kiss the child.

When she conceived Liam, something the same, the 'transformation' of the father happened to her psychic eyes, too, between her husband who was with her and the 'presence' who 'showed up' at the same time.

The angel's name, now is known to her: it is 'Samuel'.

Liam has tremendous intellect and Light and heart, too.

My student is on  the East Coast. I am on the West Coast. She is coming to my home for Karuna Reiki 1 in the spring.

If you are very High Vibration, at the Karuna Reiki-Reiki Master/Teacher level, perhaps something like this might happen to you. It is worth a try. 

Our children under the age of ten, are Crystal Children--the next wave after the Indigos.

They are our teachers, guides, and friends.

They are here to anchor and build Novo Gaia with us.

Cherish them.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc