Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Find The Truth In Alternate Media--An Easy Way

In yesterday's blog post, I shared the concern that even in the clearest channeled messages, there is about ten percent that is not 'of the light' or is in fact 'intentional disinformation' that has been added by the Dark Hats (who are non-physical and influence thought).

The goal of Disinformation is for the one 'wrong' to discredit the ninety percent that is 'spiritually correct' and of 'value' to one's personal growth in Spirit.

Unfortunately, the Dark Hats never sat in an operating room monitoring EKG tracings continuously during surgery!

In the electricity of the heart, there are twelve leads that are on a standard EKG 'tracing', the kind you look at as a test before surgery or after a cardiac event.

You can't really watch twelve leads at once--it's too complex.

However, watching only ONE lead has a five percent error rate in missing 'something important'.

This is why intraoperatively we routinely watch TWO leads at once. This is to 'look at' something that will show up on both leads as a 'problem' and gives us ninety-nine percent accuracy.

Lead II -- shows rhythm tracing best. Arrhythmias will show up on this one first
Lead V5 -- shows the ST segment and watches for ischemia.

When you are on the internet, looking for 'facts' and 'intel' on information that is channeled, be sure to Cross-Check the articles against each other for consistency. All the while, be certain to have your intuition 'on' and your heart center itself checking for 'what resonates' as Truth with you.

I believe you will find this helpful in 'filtering out the Static' that is 'out there' in all information sources at this time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc