Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ashtar, I Still Don't Like It (3D)

I was reading this:

It finally addresses some of my concerns I have sent up to Father--our Heavenly Father.  These are the concerns I have regarding our collective unpleasant experiences from being incarnated in 3D.

As I was reading, I noticed Ross looking at me over the top of the screen.

me: I wish it would end...honey...I just don't LIKE it here. I am sorry I complain and I wish I didn't feel that way (I cried onto his shoulder, as he held me right when I started to speak).

He didn't say a word. He brought me instantly aboard ship in front of Ashtar. He gestured for me to talk to him, and disappeared. Before he left, he gave Ashtar a look and I sensed Ross was 'holding back.' Ross didn't say anything to Ashtar.

me: Oh Ashtar, I see you are really trying with this last message. I...I...I just don't LIKE it here. I can't put the words to it, and I hate to complain. I just want for it to finish...I don't know what to say...

(Ashtar stops what he is doing and turns to look at me intently. I see his blonde hair and blue eyes and fair skin.)

me: I know we have this little 'connector' thing (a silver cord) between us (I touch it and show it to him--it connects our two hearts). I don't think it's working...I wish I could explain it...

Ashtar: What is going on? I want to know what you are feeling and experiencing.

me: Everything is slow. I can't get anything accomplished. There are dishes in the sink. I just don't care. I have to push myself so hard to get anything done. 

Ashtar:  What about the Vibrations? What are you feeling about the Vibrations at this time?

me:  I feel the tingles like an upgrade is happening. But I want to slow down and I just can't focus. I don't know what to do with doesn't hurt. I like my Vibration HIGH and this is not it. I almost passed out once just sitting here, I saw stars once or twice today. I just wish it was that okay to wish it was done?

Ashtar: Do you want it to stop?

me: I want to feel like I do when I am in The Higher Dimensions. This is not it. Would it be possible to dial my Vibration UP? (I am sensing that he slowed something down for the masses, and it is affecting me. A lot. Just like a couple of days ago when Ross argued with Ashtar and the council, and took me back up to 9D where I suddenly felt just fine.)

Ashtar: That is enough. 

me: Are YOU okay? With all of this? I know it's really busy...

Ashtar:  (He looks preoccupied). I am fine. Really I am.

me: (I look at him with concern and caring and an open heart)

Ashtar: That is enough.

me: Are you sure you aren't mad at me? I will take it back whatever I said that got you so upset.

Ashtar: I have a lot of decisions to make. That is all. 

me: (I start crying. He is not like himself. And I am not like myself either. I decide to pray, and I turn to go. Suddenly Ashtar reaches for my arm--)

Ashtar: Wait!....(he looks at me intently). I said 'hang on for the ride!'. Do you trust me?

me: (I nod yes) I want to go Home. 

Ross comes and gets me. He takes me back Here, and he and Ashtar exchange a look but do not say a word. He whispers to me 'it's going to be okay. Ashtar is not mad at you. ' I cry with him for a few minutes because I do not understand. I am so thankful for this little piece of Home, right this second now in Ross' arms.

Ross: Are you brave, and strong? Are you courageous? (he is smiling. All of a sudden I feel a sense of Hope. He reaches up and pulls on a chain with his right hand three times. He puts a finger to his lips, and he fades away.)

I still don't understand it, but Ross told me to write it down for you today. I still have the hope.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.  Now I feel fine! Go figure!