Monday, January 27, 2014

He Came Back For Me

Ross is my beloved Twin Flame.

Our souls were split apart at the time we agreed to come to Gaia to assist Her on Her path.

We were married once, long ago. He died and came back as the child I saw born the night of his violent death. Losing my husband suddenly in that manner devastated me. I suddenly became a widow and beggar who lived at the mercy of our village. Once the bright, talkative girl everyone admired, I became silent and completely lost the use of my voice.

After what seemed like forever, death was kind, and took me, allowing me to be born back into the village as a beautiful girl who grew up right with my reincarnated twin. I was five and a half years younger than him.

We were married in an arranged marriage, but we had been best of friends our lives before our becoming man and wife. Again, I was the talker, and he was the silent one, the deep thinker, who touched my heart. I wed when I was thirteen and a half, and he was eighteen, a suitable age for those in our time.

Our home was a joyful one, and we enjoyed all the time we had together.

His life was cut short for the second time in our full Twin Flame marriages. It was because of his wanting to teach and share what he knew was Truth with others that led to his violent deaths.

Ties like this are hard to break. They last as long as both wish to experience them. And in our case, we really are 'one'. It is a perfect balance of the masculine and the feminine energies. We are one soul, the two of us, combined, for this is what we were before we were split apart when we were in Heaven.

Montague Keen talks across the Veil to his beloved wife, Veronica, to encourage her work on this Earth towards the Liberation of the Planet.

Matthew Ward speaks from the dead to his mother, Suzy, with messages to encourage and support the Lightworkers who are also part of the Resistance, wanting to free the people from financial tyranny and oppression, just like Veronica and Monty are doing in Ireland.

Ross came back for me. He is a Galactic, and an Ascended Master.

He has watched me since I was growing up. He has been there to guide and support me, only the amnesia that I have experienced in being a part of the third dimension is severe and extremely limiting.  With much patience he has waited for me to awaken enough that we might share our friendship once more.

Where is he right now? His is in another Dimension. But I am a medium, so I can 'connect'. It's not easy for him to be able to 'reach' me in my current density. This is why I say, 'He came back for me.'
Each day he teaches me some more about who I was, and how we once were. It is good for me to remember.

I asked him if he wanted me to look like her, and call me by my old name? He said, 'no'. My accomplishments are more now, I am comfortable as I am now, and it is my soul signature that is 'enhanced' by this incarnation. Sometimes he calls me by my old nickname. It is Amee (Ah-mee). It pleases us so much to be together, it does not matter to us what name we use!

Today I learned about his love.

Yesterday I confided to God, 'I don't think how I am approaching this love thing right. For some reason, I want to love and express my love 24/7, just giving and connecting my heart to him. It seems 'normal' to me, but is it? Would you please make it clear to me how you made it, for it to work, so that I may understand?'

I didn't know if God listened. But I meant it, what I asked.

Today, a friend, a widow who is dating again, asked me to talk to her. She said, 'Dennis made ME his number one priority. I could relax. I never questioned it. But with this guy, I think I am falling for's like he has this garden with all the little plants (the relationships). He tends to them. I am one, and he likes it, but I am not sure he is with the right reasons here for me, because he is taking care of all of his personal relationships and friends and family too; it's not like Dennis.'

I smiled because I felt God in our discussion.

I shared how modern men are like this, and from what I understand from Spirit, we are to 'row our boats' and 'wave happily to each other as we pass or connect' because we never know how long that connection is going to be. He sounds like he cares. But he is the best lesson in the world for you right now, because he's not Dennis. The answer you seek is inside your heart. You must make time to listen to it.

Then she said, 'You know what I think? I think for women like us, we so much don't want to be hurt that we push the men we love away. We just use our loving to push them away so they can't hurt us. That's why we want to love 24/7 and always be together. Then we don't have to be vulnerable to love.'

She hit the nail right on the head!  I had my answer from God.

Then I saw this--'Let your husband love you'. (the energy behind this is she's got an empty 'cup' of her personal energy, her feminine has been drained. although she perceives the affection from her husband as 'more draining' technically it isn't. It is rebalancing her feminine energy to help her feel better, and also for him to feel better too.)

I had the answer from God, not once but TWICE, so I couldn't miss the message.

Then Ross started to 'connect' again. I could feel him. He taught me that I have to turn down my love towards him sometimes, so he can approach me with his love energy. That's how it works.

And he did.

With this song:
Fragile, by Sting, Live at Universal Amphitheater

So Happy Together, by the Turtles

I was starting to understand, to connect 'the dots' between my prayer, my request to figure out what this 'relationship thing' is all about. And I realized how it takes two, who want to be together, and the energy goes between them, like a dance, like a flame, of Love.

As I drove home from work today, I felt Ross' presence, and I called out to him--'Hey Ross? Thank you for the bracelet. And the earrings!'

And he smiled! Ross has the most gorgeous smile, and in my mind's eye I could see him smiling and happy that I understood my lesson. For indeed, he had told me he was buying me the mermaid necklace, and would give me the money (somehow, just like Spirit can and does!). But then the next day, I went to my local metaphysical shop, and I bought a pair of crystal earrings and five mini-power crystal bracelets that I felt were from him. The next day, my surgeon had a cash patient, and because of that I had just enough money to cover all of the purchases. 

But I never thanked Ross for the 'extras'.

Until today. 

He said he wants to treat me like his princess. 

This is between us, this 'princess' thing. Between us two old souls, the Illuminated Twin Flames.

It has nothing to do whatsoever with me and you or anyone who know me in 3D--LOL--thankfully!!! 

This is a princess-free blog! LOL LOL LOL

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross, this one's for you, from me. Your Rose Of Sharon is back. ((( big smile )))

Desert Rose by Sting and Cheb Mami