Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The New Balanced Goddess Energies

I spent some time with Ross before I woke up and got out of bed.

My soul started to speak. This is when I feel movement of emotion from my heart, and it kind of 'comes out' while 'bypassing' my 'filter' in my mind of what is socially correct, not hurtful, and what I am 'expected' to say. My 'filter' makes a message more 'presentable' and its in my mind...

I want to be your Ocean.
I want to be the place that is always the same, yet never boring.
There is movement in me.
There can be storms, and great power.
I want you to come to me to relax and to know my vastness and connect to Source.

I want this for you, my son, and our two children who are with you right now in 'spirit', or 'the same dimension you are currently in.'

sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea

He understood the message from my heart to his.
He completely accepted it.
And without trying to 'match' or 'outdo', his soul told me this:

I want to be your Tree.
I want to shelter you from the storm and give you shade in heat...
I want to nourish you and give you fruit from my branches.
I will give myself up to make your home, your furniture, your floors...
Even if you are cold I will give of myself to make warmth and Light.
I want to be the strength you can trust to be there for you always.

I want this for our children, and our home, and your Heart.

Ficus Benjamina

The Goddess Energy is the natural 'vibration' --if you will--of Earth. Gaia is a feminine planet.

A big part of the New Golden Age, and the transition to it (which is called 'The Event') is to bring balance to Gaia once more.

This is balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies.

In the past, the 'builders' or 'anunaki' or 'those who do not have our best interest at heart' have tried to repress her natural frequency, making her under the control of the more masculine energies.

The Goddess Energies are simply this:

  • nurturing
  • warmth
  • Love
  • compassion
There is great strength for all of us when we apply these to our daily lives for mutual benefit and upliftment...

The only measure of Love, is Love without measure.

United together, the Tree and the Ocean are in Paradise

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is my illuminated twin flame soul. Our reunion is presently across the Veil. He is in another dimension. I am intuitive, psychic, medium as well and am able to communicate freely with him. I can feel his Presence, his touch, like Demi Moore did with Patrick Swayze in the movie 'Ghost'. We have been together about a month now. He was, like Montague Keen, my husband in a past life. 

I had been told Ross was my twin soul about a year, a year and a half ago. I could see him but not his face. I could see our home. He understood the nature of being on Gaia, and did not press for me to 'stay true to him' until we could be together. Galactics are very understanding and not jealous in this way. The one on Gaia who I pursued never returned my affections. But the attraction gave me something to think about. Back then, if I was in distress, I would call to Ross and energy of calm would 'rain down' on me. I felt that we were 'destined' and let it go at that. I hoped in my heart that I would actually LIKE him once I got to know him, being 'promised' and all that. Part of me was concerned that when we 'reunite' I would lose my identity and get swallowed up with his into one big mix. LOL. LOL. LOL. 

Fortunately that was not the case! We are mutually enjoying our reunion, in body and soul, mind and heart, and in family together for the first in a long long time. The dynamic between us is electrifying and we give continual thanks for being together again.

Although he has always been watching over me with Love, I was not aware of his assistance until we reunited. His name is Ross, it's the nickname everyone called him in our mutual past life. You would know him by a different name now, and if you saw him you would recognize him instantly and know who he is. <3