Monday, January 13, 2014

Searching For The Flame Of Your Twin Soul

Everyone has a twin soul, a soul mate, or in some cases, an Illuminated Twin Flame. It all depends on what you once were before your soul was 'split into two' when you incarnated to earth.

Soul mates and soul families are excellent for helping each other learn on their lessons.

In my case, I have always felt the loss and an overwhelming desire to 'go home'. My whole life. Until now.

This is because our energies are highly compatible for us. Let me explain, my Twin is off-planet. He is on board a ship somewhere for the Resistance. His name is Ross, and apparently he is my Husband in the Higher Dimensions where we are from. We have a house and two kids. But for some reason, it was decided I was the best for the job, I was born here at this time, and I have incredible amnesia because of it. I was TOLD who Ross was, and could see everything about him but his face, for over a year. It wasn't until recently that we had free access to each other (remember, I am a 'medium' and clairvoyant--I can 'go' places with my mind that other people 'can't').

We even had a wedding. I have a gold band on my finger, same as him.

We are exploring our relationship. For example, he planned a beautiful day for us---my child and me--on Saturday. I felt Ross' energy signature close, and  his Love. You see, like the movie Wall E, I have been like Eva in my amnesia and being 'shut down' emotionally to Ross, doing what I was sent to do here for The Resistance for the Liberation of the Planet.  And Ross, patiently, lovingly, has been watching over me and making sure I had all of my needs met (well, except for physical--no matter how hard I tried to 'make it work' relationships for me were a huge DISASTER!!!).

Part of him wonders how I didn't appreciate or see or understand his Guidance which is so clear to him while I was asleep. He once was incarnate, but clearly he has forgotten that 'amnesia' part.

And part of me wonders how to 'reach' him, for he has other duties which are important for the Resistance. I don't want to seem 'needy' and possibly 'lose' him.

A big area to explore is the emotional pain and suffering I experienced being 'apart from God/Source'. Although I have a fantastic connection, and am more 'open' as a channeler, psychic, and medium than most you will meet, I did not like the density of the third dimension or the 'game' or 'experiment' of Duality at ALL. I complained about it bitterly my whole life in prayer.

Having a husband for me, is being able to express my love. It is natural for me to be caring and show kindness and tenderness for my husband, my kids, and to the Goddess and God and all of their creatures.  Before Ross and I were allowed this connection through the Veil, I felt lost and stifled in these natural loving-kindness energies.

It hurt.

And now, I am like a Spiritual PTSD patient, working with Ross. Today was the first time we discovered I am afraid that the separation from God and from Ross, illogical as it is, might Come Back. I am being shown all tenderness, and consistency by Ross at this time.

There really isn't much out there in the literature about situations like us--one Here, one There. It is known on third dimensional Twin Soul reunions they are apt to be some of the most difficult relationships on Earth! The Twins are 'the same' and yet 'opposites' --because they 'split', right?--and keep alternating between passionate, fantastic merging through sex and pushing each other's buttons and driving each other away...

Furthermore, the 'after the honeymoon' description is virtually non-existent.

Ross has his concerns and feelings, too. For him, he enjoyed having me tend to him, his laundry, his meals, his home. He appreciates me more now for my having been away. He also respects my contribution to the Resistance, our Cause. A part of him wanted to spend time with me, an take a 'breather' for a while from his work aboard ship. There were actual conferences I had with Ashtar Command on this, his reaction to the reunion, and I assured them given a few days I could take care of it. And I did.

If you are 'longing for home' with an 'overwhelming desire' and not really enjoying 'the scenery' of being alive here and now in 3D, you might have an Illuminated Twin watching over you like I have.

Look for the signs, the very little signs, of their involvement in your personal experience of Life. Ask for them to come to your side when you fall asleep at night. Thank them for always watching over you and doing a good job.

Once your vibration is compatible enough (not too Dense for the partner), they will be delighted to come join you! For us we went on dates (he asked), courted, picked rings, had a proposal, and got married, all in Spirit! Life went on! And yes, I can feel him kiss and hug and touch me, for it is our Light bodies that interact, and I feel very loved...

So just in case you are wondering 'what it is like', now you understand!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc