Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Exit Strategies

'Qui vit en paix avec lui-même vit en paix avec l'universe.'  --  Marc-Aurele

'He who lives in peace with themselves lives in peace with the Universe.'  -- Marcus Aurelius

Every Soul Has The Freedom To Decide Its Soul Progress
Earth, or Surface Gaia, is a school that offers something to each Soul in a variety of levels for Soul Development. Like a one-room school, Gaia offers Lessons that are available to every level of Soul Growth. Her Diversity is unparalleled in all the Universe!

Gaia Is Upgrading Her Curriculum
The Soul of the planet has a Soul Development Plan for Herself, as well. Think of Her being a planet as a 'Master Class', for example, a class for dance teachers or yoga instructors, to help Her become her best Soul she can be too.

Not Every Soul Is Comfortable With The New Upgraded and Further Advanced Curriculum
Each soul has autonomy to learn its Lessons at its own pace. Sometimes it is needed to repeat a Lesson until it is mastered at a Soul Level. According to Sylvia Browne, each Life is 'scripted' for major Lessons, and gifts, and Mission or Purpose, in a Pre-Birth Contract.
Each Contract has 'Exit Points'. There are about five of them written into each Life Script. At an 'Exit Point' a Soul has the option to continue the contract, or to exit Gaia and move on to something else. The last Exit Point is non-negotiable.
For some Souls, the incoming Vibrations of Higher Frequency are extremely uncomfortable to them. Imagine listening to fingernails being scratched on a black board, or chalk scratching on it, or any other unpleasant and annoying sound that drives one to distraction. How can a soul concentrate on its Mission when it is in this state of Distress?

Exit Plans or Exit Strategies Have Been Developed Between Each Soul and Source For The Event
According to a recent Gaia Portal, the exit strategies for these Souls who might not make the most from this 'Upgraded Curriculum' are in place. I have seen sudden, recent loss in some of the loved ones of my readers recently. They share about it on social media sites where I am present. They also ask for Reiki and for Spiritual Support (for the survivors and their ones who have passed). Although this loss is difficult, and grief is not a welcome experience, the loss is the soul exercising its right to 'go', and must be respected. My mother lost her uncle who is the same age as her--both her grandmother and mom were pregnant with them at the same time. Mom is the last survivor of her family line, almost. When you hear news of a sudden death, please use the perspective of the Soul and its option to leave and return as a newborn on Gaia or Off-Planet to continue its Soul Lessons at a 'level' that is optimum for them.  This also applies to sudden break-ups in relationships, too.

Angelic Assistance Is Available At All Times To Help Those Grieving A Loss
In case of overwhelming distress, make the call with your heart, mind, and soul, for All Divine Assistance to be given to you. Angels, Ascended Masters, and Deceased Loved Ones will hear your call! You may or may not experience 'contact' with these Guides, but they shall be Present with you. Journaling will help you keep track of the sudden ideas and signs and messages sent so when you look back you will see the pattern of Divine Intervention on your behalf. Dreams are important for this too. Also be sure to use the services of a reputable Medium if your adjustment to this Loss is extending for a long stretch of time and making your ability to function impaired.

I hope this message offers some explanation to what is happening from a Spiritual Perspective.

Let Go, Accept it as Divine Will, and Ask, Believe, and Receive as you enter your new phase that was suddenly placed upon you as the 'loved one that was left alone'.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc