Sunday, January 26, 2014

The New Consciousness Of The Divine Feminine

I live in a masculine world.

I work in one that is even MORE masculine.

Last week, I got assigned to a thoracic room. 

Those cases are done by heart surgeons, at least where I am.

And those surgeons like to 'cut at eight'.

Well, on Fridays, our cases are booked to begin at eight. I don't show up until seven-thirty. And I forget that all heart surgeons, everywhere on the globe, like to 'cut at eight'. This is because they like to finish their cases by noon, eat lunch, and go to their clinic after their cases, or perhaps to another hospital for another case that is booked.

Heart surgeons are busy people.

I am a single mother who used to do hearts. I don't do them any more because of a personality conflict with someone who was dangerous and has since been let go from the system--a surgeon who has killed people, fortunately not mine, by not making sure without a doubt the cardioplegia was actually going IN the right place. (this isn't the point of my story).

My surgeon showed up early and berated me and my colleagues for 'being late', when in fact, I WASN'T.

My friend, a mom of twins, set things up and offered to do the arterial line.  She and the others reminded me of some surgeons who book cases for when they like to cut, not when they 'go in the room' like ninety percent of the rest of our surgeons. 

I was rattled.

I was really fighting my emotions.

Emotions rattled are not a good thing for anesthesia.

Luckily the case went well. And although the surgeon did his best to annoy me and distract me and rattle me and humiliate me, I stood strong. I also fought the urge to defend myself and to engage.

I made sure to let them see my face over the drapes and watch their work when I was caught up with my charting and orders in the computer.

Let me say this guy is NOT the one that booked the case, but he likes chest cases more, and the other guy let him do it. He was telling me how to do my job, literally. But I took it with a grain of salt, and accepted it as 'constructive criticism'.

Something weird happened as I was watching...I realized this is his crack!

Doing cases and having control and his schedule be on time is his crack that gives him pleasure and he can't deal with it if he doesn't have it RIGHT AWAY...

Well that re-started my consciousness!

Who am I to get in the way of him getting his crack? At least his crack helps patients!

(the next case had such an incredibly fast turnover--because of me--that the surgeon thanked my anesthesia tech. And I also got him to confess he has a love for Paris and all things French--when he said my last name out loud. I started speaking French and he was impressed. He did TWO cases by noon and was quite happy.)


Right now my son is watching Captain Phillips on pay-per-view.

I can't stand it.

But 'action' is for most males, a form of 'crack'.  As he is embracing his masculinity, who am I to get in the way?

As a matter of fact, yesterday I made him attend Martial Arts (he wanted to skip), and he gave his best effort in a long time.

I also put him in a kayak and told him to enjoy his freedom, he was welcome to be near me on the paddle board, but where else can you enjoy doing exactly what you want to do as a kid?

My Divine Feminine is ENCOURAGING the Divine Masculine that is around me to explore, to be safe, and to do what Spirit is telling it to do...

This goes for my son, my surgeons, my coworkers, Ross, the Galactics, my fellow Lightworkers...even my pets.

You may not have known, but I have been tending to a snake injury I inadvertently caused in my son's pet, a six foot ball python named Cecil. He's three, and while I was helping him peel, it was like the skin of some on steroids when you remove tape--a top layer came off. I've been doing everything I looked up on the internet, and it's been working beautifully. Today, I soaked him and helped him shed his skin on his head. There was an eye cap that got stuck. And I had to remove it. You know, that snake trusted me the most he ever has, and let me take care of it?

Even snakes can learn when you are tending to their needs with your heart...

And for that?

In the Garden, as I sent Galactic Reiki, a new sign came in. This is the sixth one, and has a name, which means 'see the offspring' in Igbo (it's close). Igbo is the native language of southeast Nigeria, on the coast (these Galactic symbols are Sirian)--and it is Right Next To The Congo!!!

The meaning is to see the fruits of our labors, to resolve differences and problems peacefully, to work together to build a new future for us all.

I will teach the symbols of Galactic Reiki when the time is right for it. In the meantime, I will continue to sent them to you every day as Spirit suggests, in the free Reiki healing I send to all who read this blog (or have ever once read it), follow Doctors With Reiki on Facebook, and follow on Twitter (@usui2102).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc