Friday, January 3, 2014

The Rewards Of The Reunion Of Illuminated Twin Flames

This ornament is my Christmas Miracle.

When I was going through my stocking, there was one last thing in there, at the bottom. It was this ornament.

It didn't come out of the sky! It's not that kind of miracle.

The miracle is that I bought it on sale at Target last year, put it in my stocking, and somehow never got it out. So it stayed hidden in my stocking this year--there are actually two stockings that are alike, and I almost took the green one instead of the red but my son advised against it. He said the red 'looks better'.  I had completely forgotten about it, and as the very last 'gift', there it was!

Many hidden memories from my past are coming alive through the conversations I am having daily across the Veil with my Twin Flame. He is a Galactic, and has been watching over me always. That is something I am starting to appreciate too.

This morning, for example, he gave me a song (Pompeii by Bastille) to help me wake up. And in the snooze I took, that brief time, he transported me to a place of our mutual childhood together in our last incarnation we shared. He showed me a valley full of flowers, how we as kids promised our eternal love to one another (we were 'promised' to each other through an arrangement by our parents, but never knew about it.). I even learned our nicknames we were called as children.

I was Amie (ah-meeee) and his was 'Rosso' (ros-ssO) because there was a little bit of red in his hair.

The joy of these memories is even better than when you find a box of love letters in the attic!

And all of this can happen to you!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here's the song:
Pompeii by Bastille