Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Gonna Go All Cockatoo On You!

This is my bird Harry.

His cage broke about two weeks ago. One bar is loose. It's a very old cage.

I was at the bird store buying bird seed and toys for him. I looked at the new cages. They were so much bigger than what Harry has. (Today is my day off.) And Spirit--specifically Ross--'nudged' me to buy the cage.

I got a bigger one for a good deal.

But they don't deliver.

So I went home and had lunch. I was thinking about the last two Heavenletters:

I really thought, God? You know what I think? It needs a woman's touch! Just like with this new cage I bought for Harry! Birds dare afraid of anything that is new. So you know what? You get all excited about the new cage, and introduce them to it gently. You let the bird take it at their own pace. And soon it will forget it was ever in its old cage.

God? That's how it should be for all the people who are going to ascend...gently take them at their own pace, and encourage them, just like you do a child that is learning to walk. You might not remember what old hurts feel like, but we do, and the way you are going about it in those last two letters, some are going to feel hurt and guilty for feeling the way they do. They don't have to, you are right. But telling them to 'feel happy' and 'explore' doesn't acknowledge 'where they are' emotionally right now. 

Sometimes it takes a woman's heart to help people open up and try something new...

So guess what?

I rented a truck from Home Depot.

The guy at the bird store loaded it in.

I managed to take it out without killing myself.

But then...LOL!
  • the wood rot on the front porch gave out. There is a hole from the cage, and I'm going to have to get it fixed.
  • The cage didn't make clearance down the stairs. The play top got caught. 
  • The cage fell down the stairs to the landing. Now there is a hole in the wall, and the play top (which I never was going to use) is completely destroyed.
  • I had to call a neighbor. Her husband is going to come with her later to help me get the cage 'unstuck'.
  • I am lucky I didn't get hurt.
Lesson learned, God.

Sometimes it takes a man's touch to keep myself out of trouble!

My son is going to be so angry and upset at me for what I did. And everything leading up to that seemed like such a good idea at the time! 

I can feel Ross's arms around me and his beard next to my head as I am writing this. He is smiling, and laughing and saying, 'that is NOT what I meant when I said to buy the cage!' I always was a little headstrong. I still am. 

Well, it's time to go return the truck. I have to show proof of filling it up, with a receipt from the gas station. It's still full. I have to make it fuller-than-full and show a receipt to avoid at thirty-one dollar fine.That's time for one more adventure!

Do you ever get yourself into trouble? I usually don't. The last time was trying to drive that Duffy Boat to see the Holiday Lights in Naples...LOL.

Is there a lesson here Ross?

Only to follow your heart in everything you do. No one is going to judge you, or fault you, for anything, no matter how it turns out. It is best to try new things, not stay in your comfort zone, for that is how we learn. We all learn. Even I am learning. (he hits his head with the heel of his hand like an Italian, shakes his head, and laughs when it comes to me....)

I'll let you know how everything turns out tomorrow!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc