Thursday, January 9, 2014


I read Blossom Goodchild's message today with interest.

Then I went back to the O.R. It was a crazy day--in cases all morning, over six hours straight, through lunch with no break. At two they wanted me to start another case, and I said 'no!' It was within my rights to ask for a ten minute break for a sandwich. The surgeons were pissed. I was delaying their case! But I didn't care. I explained politely that I would pass out from lack of food and water, and I would be right back.

Mother isn't doing the best. Her sodium is low. My sister texted for help earlier in the day. I offered to call from my hospital to Mom's doctors to sort things out. You see, after a kidney transplant, you only go back once a year or twice to the place where they did it (UCLA). Otherwise you are back at your Big Box Hospital with your team. We didn't know what was going on, there was poor communication and we wanted to make sure UCLA was in the loop.

At the table, with my own ENT and another doc, I had a simple lunch--one small bowl of lentil soup, and one tiny slice of chocolate cheese cake. (I eat high calorie foods on purpose when I don't know when I'll go home or ever eat; I had skimped on breakfast.)

Who sits down at our table but a nephrologist I had never met--It said clearly on the white coat his specialty. And he was so kind and sat next to me.

I got up my courage and I asked about what is going on with mom. (Basically transplanted kidneys don't last forever...sad enough).

I was so grateful for the coincidence. I texted my sister and explained the situation right away.

On the way home, I just realized something important from the interaction between Blossom and her Guides! There was much discussion about the comment about 'moving forward in time' because the Galactics don't have 'time' and Blossom called them on it.


The Galactics do not KNOW the expectation! I took the liberty to go on the bridge, interrupting their meeting, and explain to them the following things:

  • I am a physician. When I learned Medical Spanish, I learned about the expectation patients have in their doctor. In white people, or more young ones, they want to be informed and take part in the decision-making process of their care. Not so with Latinos. The expectation is for a warm, close, firm handshake (so as to be 'parental' and not 'los frios'), and someone who will lead or guide the family and patient towards the best path of care. In Vietnamese culture, there is a quirk in that there is an expectation for a shot. No needle, just pills? Then the visit wasn't 'right' in their mind...
  • Here on Surface, Ground Crew has picked up a little bit of the 'culture' and clearly the Lightworker has developed an expectation for what the Galactics are going to accomplish.
  • I explained that I know they are fully competent, but they have to come across in a way that meets these expectations head on.
I also explained the strange things about life on surface Gaia:
  • If you are different you are often shunned.
  • If you have something green stuck on your teeth, not everyone will tell you about it when you smile. Sometimes only your closest friends will. (this one was new to them, they smiled)
  • For the men, sometimes they forget to pull up the zipper on their pants after using the bathroom. A kind person will tell them 'XYZ!' discreetly--for Examine Your Zipper! Others just ignore it. (they really thought this one was funny and laughed a lot)
  • Kids do the thing where they point at your shirt, you look down, and then they lift their finger up to your face, and laugh at you.
  • I explained the nature of a 'Noogie' or 'Dutch Rub'.
  • There is even a game that is called 'fifty two card pick up' where the innocent one is asked to play, it's made to sound really fun, and then they person throws the cards all over the floor and the innocent one has to pick them all up.
I told the crew I couldn't tell them what to do, but I invited them to pick my brain (telepathically, or with any of their monitoring technology) to find out what the expectation is for them, within the limits of our culture.

Not more than ten minutes later, I get a song on the radio with the energy signature of Ross, my Twin Flame, who is one of the ones who sits on the bridge:

Dog Days Are Over by Florence And The Machine

The crew also sent the message, 'We are going to KICK ASS!'

They figured it out!

I was shopping at Trader Joe's tonight. I got the message, 'You will be called up to the Bridge in one hour.'

That never happened before. I just come and go spontaneously. I was a little nervous about it. 
I came home and put away the groceries. I almost put the roses in the vase but I felt the energy, just like when Psychic Development Circle is going to start. I was guided to put them in a bucket of water, in the package, and go lie down. 

I excused myself to lie down on the couch--how I love that couch! While my son did homework.
As I relaxed and closed my eyes, I was up on the Bridge.

No one was there. It was empty.

And I was wearing that dress I wore when I was having my hair washed by Ed and all the White Brotherhood (the guys at the helm) were watching--it's white, a cloth I had never seen, strapless, with a full skirt. It shimmers, like giant fish scales of very high tech, and there are spaces between the scales. I wore matching gloves that were over the elbow.

I was curious as to why I wore this dress?

A hand came, and the fourth crew member came and guided me across the bridge, and to the door on the far left. There was a large hall; it was filled with people. I grew even more curious as they were seated in rows, looking at the front. There was an aisle in between them. 

It looked like a wedding!

I didn't understand. Then people began to look at me and smile and wave. They were very nice but I did not know any of them. 

At the far end was a bearded man in a dark suit, tall, sinewy build, strong. I wondered who it was? 

ROSS! I had never seen him dressed like that before. I could see the white shirt and the dark coat like a tuxedo. 

Music started to play, and my guide escorted me down the aisle. Here comes the bride, just one phrase of it, and then celestial music that was beautiful and had emotion and color. 

People in the chairs started to cry tears of happiness.

We were getting married! And it was a real wood floor, with genuine wood from earth under us!

I saw Blessed Mother out of the corner of my eye, to the left and in the back. I asked, 'What IS all this???' and she whispered and gestured, 'It is a good thing, go along with it!' and shooed me down the aisle with her hand from her seat.

As I got up to the end of the aisle, Ross took my right hand, and we faced the person--I guess it was the captain of the ship, Ashtar? He had on a different suit too--who spoke to us. I was asked first, do you take this man? It was all this extra talk I didn't understand at all after, so  I simply said, 'Yes!' Then they asked Ross about me. He said, 'I do'. 

I was like, 'I said 'yes' and you said, 'I do' is that going to work?'
Ross said, 'I said, yes I do' and smiled, reassuring me that it would work.

I smiled at Ashtar and said, making a gesture with my hand, 'Whoa this is WAY over my head!'
And everyone laughed. The audience. The crew. And Ross. His smile was the sweetest smile ever, and he confessed that is what everyone likes so much about me.

We were pronounced Man and Wife. And he kissed the bride.

We turned to go, and I said, 'Wait! I want you to break the glass! I want to walk around you seven times!' After all, we were under a chuppah of flowers. 

So I did the walk, first, touching my fingers lightly on Ross as I went, counting carefully the number of circles I made around him, taking my energy around him to protect him and make him my own. Then they handed him a glass wrapped in a napkin. Before he broke it I made sure his shoes were strong enough and he wouldn't get cut. Ross broke the glass under his foot with one swift stomp!

Then I was happy!

The timer rang on my son's homework. 

It was time to go.  We had a few brief moments together, and then I asked for a favor. May I please share my gratitude with the guests?

I was given my request. As I stood there, and said my thanks out loud, little blue rays of light came from my heart center and connected to each person present, including Ashtar and Ross...I explained how this was such a surprise and a blessing, how it means so much for their presence to share our joy,  and how I will remember it forever in my heart. Then the little lights stopped, and came back to me, and I turned to go.

On Sunday, December 29, 2013, I was at the local jewelers getting a watch sized for my son. It was taking a while. I walked around the store. Ross said, 'pick any ring you want'.

I chose the simple gold bands, like above. I have my reasons. Gold is inter dimensional--it exists in all dimensions at the same time. And the circle is unending. Plus I am modest. I did not want a blood diamond.

Sometime last week, Ross proposed. He dropped to one knee, and asked in the most beautiful way. He had the little velvet box. He gave me an engagement ring that looked like Grace Kelly's from Prince Ranier. That one is ten carats and squarish in shape. He said it was galactic and no one was harmed.

I looked at him and said, 'You are my best friend! Why do you even need to ask? I couldn't imagine spending a day of my life without you...'
But he said, 'I want you--and everybody else--to know how much I care about you.'
I was deeply moved by his sentiment, and I cried, embracing him, and said, 'Yes!'.

Both the engagement rings and the wedding rings had something unusual about them: they don't get pushed on the finger. They just show up on your finger on their own. You look down and it fades on, like people being transported in Star Trek. 

Ross knows the expectation--even when I had no idea I had that expectation at all.

I thought we were twin souls, we merged, and that was enough.

The Galactics understand enough to meet or exceed our earthly expectations as Ground Crew when we interact with them.

And they are nice enough to stage a wedding on board a ship, to make a twice-divorced, single mom, the happiest bride that ever was in all of the history of the cosmos...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc