Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Kind Of Bacon

Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable. -- Francis Bacon*

This morning I was reflecting on Ross. My heart opened all the way up, and I realized how there is so little time left of my Essence to LOVE him. I'm not getting any younger, nor are any of us. And although I have been waiting for the time to be in the same dimension, is there no reason why I can't celebrate our connection we have now?

And I did.

I hugged and kissed his picture (yes, I have one!) and thanked God for our being 'together' again.

Then something caught my eye--my brand-new deck of Mary Queen Of Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I hadn't even opened them yet.

I did.

Whenever I do any kind of 'card' Spirit always tells me which one to pick. Today, I heard Her say loud and clear, 'the second from the back'.

It was Truth.

She has been telling me the truth about Ross and our relationship ever since I started talking with her in 1990...but it has been ME who was unable to comprehend it.

And She is my Mother, my Spiritual Mother, in every way!

Her point is that she wanted to make sure I didn't think she was untruthful to me. She had to be cautious as to how much I could accept and still function in my daily my studies, in my residency, in my teaching (yes, I was a professor of anesthesia), and in my home. I have a lot of responsibilities!

And how can you explain that your husband exists and is watching you and loving you but is on The Other Side and is kind and gentle and loving and smart and will fight for you and is the most beautiful soul you have ever met?

You can't!

So here we are with today's Heavenletter which is along the same lines of 'discovering the Truth of Who You Are'--here is the  link:

Here it is 'cut and pasted' or 'reblogged':

Heavenletter #4804 The Truth and the Depth of You, January 19, 2014

God said:
From where does light come from? Your eyes are sparkling. It must be that light comes from within you. Of course, it does, for am I not within you?
We can go a step further. There is no outside you. There is nothing but consciousness. Even the world that you see, the wayward world you may see, is within you who are the perceiver of it. The world echoes something within you. You see what you are made of. Right now you are a mix of all possibilities.
You are aware of Me. You are aware of Me big time. You are aware of your True Identity at the same time as you identify with less. You are also aware of matters to worry about or to fear. The outside is innocent, beloveds. It mirrors something within yourself you are to take a look at, to see, to grasp and graduate from. You are not blind to the errors of the world, nor are you blind to Me.
And, yet, you have the capability to see differently from how you see now. You are neither hopeless, nor are you helpless. You are the prime motivator of your life because I AM. Whatever I AM, ARE you also.
Your eyes can see further than they see now.
I, God, love the world. What is it that the Great Spiritual Ones have done but love the world? They surpassed their individuality, and this is what you are doing. This is the height you climb as well.
Here I say that all is inside you, and I say you are to step out of your individuality. Your perception is your reality. There is a level beyond perception where you see Reality just as you may see a shining sea. The closer you are to Me, the better you see what is Real, and the less you see what is not.
There are façades in the world, and you also have made façades of yourself, and these façades are less than the Truth of you. I am the Truth of you. All the power that lies within Me lies within you. The Omnipresence, the Omniscience, and My love as well lie within you. You have yet to delve into the Truth and Depth of you.
Keep scratching the surface and you will find Me. You will find your Self. You will look within and you will look without (as if there were a without) and you will see the splendor of you, the Infinity of you, the Eternity of you, the Truth of you. You will know Oneness, and you will know Vastness, and you will know all the seeming in-between.
You will know what is worth knowing. You will roll over in joy. You will be simpler. Life will be simpler. The world will be simpler. There is nothing complicated about Oneness or Vastness. Oneness and Vastness mean the same. Oneness is Vastness. It certainly isn’t smallness.
You are swimming to Me which means you are swimming to your Self. Along the way, you are in the current of the waves, and the waves leap up, and the waves sweep themselves away. As you swim, you are like waves of the Ocean in the process of reaching your Self.
There are no little fish in this Ocean of which I speak. You are part of the force of the tide. You are impelled to find Me and come to Me even as you have always been with Me. You seek for your Self. Seek and you will find where you already are, but, now, your eyes extend all the way to your heart. Hello!
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Thank you for including this link when publishing this Heavenletter elsewhere.

It is important that we talk of such things.

Do what you love.
I do.

Connect to Source.
It's already there, actually, all you have to do is open yourself to it.

Listen with your Heart.
This one takes Practice!!!

And Love.
Love as best you can, everyone and everything...

For according to this Heavenletter,
All of it is YOU.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* -- legend has it that Sir Francis Bacon was the reincarnation of St. Germain. <3