Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reiki Neighbor

Sigh. This was a hard day.

My neighbor passed away three weeks ago. Apparently she fell and the ambulance came for her while I was at work. The husband never said anything. I just found out today.

SHe has had health problems, and the last time she was in an extended care situation I didn't know.

I am psychic. And I had no clue.

Sure, the signs were all over her when I would see her that her time was up soon. That combo of physician/psychic tips you off quick.

I saw it on another neighbor today. Didn't say a word. But I knew.

I have never not known. It is like you can tell when it is going to rain. You just figure it out, the pattern. You know what it is. There is no emotion.

The neighbor who let me know about my next door neighbor is open. She has been studying EFT (tapping). She had questions for me. I did a reading on her. I saw three entities with her, each with a message. I told her what I saw, even though it seemed weird. I got it right. She had been to the six hundred dollar psychic. Two matched exactly and the third she had a hunch about. The messages touched home for her. Tears welled up in her eyes. I had only done readings on other psychic development students. It is different with someone else. There is a sense of responsibility, like honoring a clients' trust. I like it.

I also showed her basic pendulum use. She really liked it.

Psychic doesn't always work when it is closest to home. Remember my neighbor. I totally missed it. It happens. Don't be surprised is sometime you miss things too.


Reiki Doc