Monday, October 31, 2011

The Why behind Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow!

What did Steven see as he said those last words?

Why was he looking up over the family's shoulders when he said it?

Do you get a sense of profound healing in that message? To Steve Jobs? To the family? To the rest of us?

What blew Steve away was the sight of something wonderful about three feet up from our Earth.

My dear ones, what Steve saw was as simple as that. Steve saw Heaven.

And he went.

His family felt it. I am sure everyone reading those words felt it.
"Heaven is for Real" said a little boy with glasses in a story that was popular about six months ago.

It is. I have seen it.

When my father was in the dying process, I whispered in his ear, "Dad, don't worry. I can see you after you pass. I can do that. It's okay."

He woke up from his stupor, scanned from right to left, blinking his eyes, looking up between three feet and the ceiling. I couldn't understand what that meant.

As the hours passed, the chaplain from the hospital gave him the last rights. At that instant, I saw what he saw too. Whiter than white, about three feet above our ground, a gate structure, like on a medieval castle. There were two tall angel guards with spears on each side, and a walkway lowered down to us. Everything glowed bright bright bright white, and looked like bricks. The architecture was a lot like the Mormon Temples.

I saw Blessed Mother (Mary) come down and take my father's hand. He got up out of his body, and went with her across the bridge. She looked over her shoulder and waved to me. And then he was gone.

He died right at that instant. I was the last to hear his heart beat, with my ear upon his chest.

Heaven is real. There was an energy to that vision that was not of this world. Steve saw it, and felt it, and was excited to go to his new adventure.

Angels visit unawares. I think Steve was not of this world, either. Just in it. Think different. And he finally had a chance to come back home.

Love is the answer.


Reiki Doc