Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reiki Synchronicity

Today I stopped by the crystal store near my house. I like it. I feel like I can get away, like I am safe, and like I am accepted for who I am. I felt guided there.

When I entered the store, I found a book, Family of Light. Totally on target for me in my development.

Then I checked out the phacolite crystals. They are incredibly expensive, and have angel energy in them. When I bought one for my psychic development teacher for Christmas last year, I couldn't feel it, but I knew it was for her. Around July, when I held one, I felt warm tingly in my hand. Today--it was like my heart was singing. Lots of cool energy in and around the heart.

While I was doing this, I saw a boom. A microphone on a pole. They were filming the owner of the store. I knew at once why I had been guided there. It was my lesson.


I have wanted it since I was a child. I wanted to be an actor. My parents took me to a studio. They wanted my baby sister, not me. I would have been devastated. So they didn't take the offer on her audition. They were right. My thinking was, 'I see them on TV, it looks like fun, I could do that."

Today, seeing the lady asking the questions, I was struck by the depth of misunderstanding between the media and the owner. I don't want that. Just like I don't want the government saying if I am married or not to felt so stupid standing there having to explain why I did not want to be married in order to get the piece of paper that said I was free.

The world is of fame.

I am not of the world. I would never be happy traveling, giving interviews, and being up to the scrutiny of people not like me.

So. Here. If you want to learn, I will teach. Here. On this page. If people want Reiki training, I can provide that.

But for now, one Reiki Blast during anesthesia to each patient during their case is adequate. It helps. Being a general source of Reiki in my environment helps. Just because I am not being interviewed or known in any way doesn't mean what I am doing is not important.

It was funny. The filmmaker was an intuitive clairvoyant, the subject owned a crystal shop, the earlier interviewee was an 'intuitive MD'...and no one there had a clue who I was. It felt good to be incognito.

I got Goddess Advice Cards by Doreen Virtue, three stone bracelets, citrine earrings, a new crystal pendulum and a book on Family of Light. I had a good day!


Reiki Doc