Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reiki Face to Face and Undercover

Today I went into the Nurses' Lounge to wait for a surgeon.

I saw Ron, the tall Scrub Tech, sitting at the high table on the stool with his head in his hands.

"Ron? What is the matter?' I asked.

"You know, I am having terrible pain. I am not having a good day." he replied.

Right then, I engaged. Reiki mode! I opened the Reiki source, without his knowing it, and scanned his body. I picked up right knee. "Tell, me, Ron, where does it hurt?"

It was the knees.

They were the reason he was discharged unwillingly from the military service. He had twelve years in, and would have been due for retirement. They were shot. He couldn't run. And therefore he was 'not deployable'.

As he talked, I mentally went through all the stages of a Reiki Healing, heart open with compassion, while sitting on the couch across the room, carrying on a conversation with him. I let him talk and be listened to, much in the way a counselor helps a client. Through the pauses I responded appropriately. But as he talked I sent Universal Healing Energy in.

I watched him. He smiled. He sat lighter. He actually wouldn't stop talking, but the surgeon had arrived and I had to go. I had long finished his Reiki treatment by then.

I knew his knees were related to his financial concerns and his red chakra. I balanced it for him as we spoke. I balanced all of them.

What else can a poor chronic pain patient do? Get a knee replacement? Hardly. He was much too young.

I gave him hope.

Isn't that what being a doctor is all about?

Reiki practitioners, you should try it. You don't need a table, or consent. Let the Universal Healing Energy in when it is needed most. Head in the hands is a sign of being at the end of one's rope. Act. Help. At once.

P.S. A childhood friend of mine posted on Facebook, "Everyone has been extra nice to me lately. Am I dying?"

I replied. "Everyone really is nicer now. It is real."

That was the first job as a lightworker where I helped to explain to a non-lightworker what is going on (with the Ascension). It made me smile.


Reiki Doc