Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reiki and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease of exclusion. Everything else is tested for, and ruled out as not causing the problem. There is a criteria list of like, seven things, and at lease three of them have to be on the list.

The patients suffer, seriously suffer, for most of their lives. And a big part of their constellation of symptoms is getting someone to give them a diagnosis.

I faced my patient with Reiki eyes when presented with one yesterday.

I have always been best at taking care of someone like this. Instinctively. The issue is control. They don't want to give it up. This is illogical because I have strong anesthetizing drugs. They are going to be unconscious in under five minutes once I get them to the room. So I play along with the patient in the Pre-Op holding area, listening attentively to all their symptoms and concerns. I let them decide whether or not to have the anxiolytic prior to going to the OR to decrease their stress levels first. For some, it is blissful haze, mercy, to be made unaware at that time. For others, chemically being 'altered' from the hypervigilant state is scary, frightening, and out of control.

I love them all, my fibromyalgia patients. Always have. A part of me thought there must be something bothering them, otherwise they would be okay, and that something just was not understood yet.

So here I am, a continuous source of Reiki, at the bedside, with a patient who is clearly in distress. Had a migraine in the morning, took some medication for it. And a litany of complaints that are earth-shattering to them, but in the big picture, not anywhere near as serious as the patient whose endometriosis turned out to be metastatic cancer in the OR last week.

I was watching the interaction between doctor and patient. Surgeon was clearly upset. Patient wanted a perfectly normal and healthy part of the body out. (This is the second time I have seen this in two weeks). Patient was convinced this organ was the source of all her pain.

I watched the interaction between patient, parent, and child. There were no boundaries, energetically. Much drama, to the point of following the gurney to the OR and being asked to stay after point X. There were extra kisses and hugs at the door to the OR. It felt creepy to see the parent's energy the way I could as an 'open' practitioner.

Everything went well in the OR. As I was sitting there, while the surgical team took the body part out, I took advantace of the Bair Hugger all over the head of the patient to do some energy work.

I gave Diksha and I saw messages directed from Sai Maa to me. Usually I just feel energy. I was like, okay, cool. Then I started Reiki and did an energetic balance of the chakras. All of this takes me less than five minutes.

Once I connected in, metaphysically, I had a big 'aha' moment: molest. This poor child of God had suffered the agony of molest in an ongoing incestuous relationship. I picked up 'Uncle'. She had probably absorbed major and minor dark entities in the process. I had noted in her eyes 'she was not there' energetically. Probably negative entities too. But the difference between the two is that the dark entity causes pain. It enjoy it, the suffering of the host. The negative entities are like barnacles that are just hanging on, siphoning off life energy for their survival.  I did not feel the dark entities, who usually travel in pairs, a major and a minor together. But I have an agreement with my guides, at the start of every one of these interventions, to find all dark entities, take them out, and protect my patient.

I am protected with a golden net of energy so that dark entities and negative entities cannot attach to my energetic system. There is a whole world that is not seen, but has effects on us every day. I can talk more about that later.

The chakra pattern was like this, low on red, very low on orange, overactive on yellow, normal on green and pink, imbalanced but I am not sure on blue, indigo very quiet, and crown chakra I couldn't get in. Just couldn't. Had to give it to the guardian angel, because that's what you do when a soul refuses Reiki Energy. I gave symbols to calm the mind and the emotions, to protect for transition (dying) and make it easier,  and also symbols specifically designated for healing on a soul level. Reiki is for the body, Karuna Reiki is for the soul. I also spent some time working to open the third eye. Really whacking it open so it can see, with lots of energy but only a single tap in the physical plane.

And then I was done. The surgery was finished in less than two hours. I was glad to get out of the OR before dark on a Friday. But once I sever the energetic connection at the end of In-OR-Reiki, I don't get any kind of messages any more. I just did my job and went home. I have no clue how her future is going to go. But I made a difference. I am glad of it. And also, Reiki energy always blesses the healer too.

I didn't sleep all night. The embezzler cornered me, and I got emotional. I think I betrayed the group while trying to defend them. I think it is time to start looking for new work.


Reiki Doc