Friday, September 7, 2012

Healing at Gonzales Bay

Today I went to the beach in Victoria. I felt so incredibly lucky to be there. I could see the Olympia mountains off in the distance. There was sand, lots of driftwood, and several families there. The water was so cold your feet went numb and it hurt. I was sad, because I came all the way from California, and I couldn't even say I swam in Canada.

Somehow, the kind father with the touch of grey understood my sadness on a soul level. He took off his shirt and said, follow me. He marched madly into the water. At about waist deep he said let's jump in! Counting out loud ONE TWO THREE he dove into the freezing water. Caught by surprise, I plugged my nose and went all the way under too. We both jumped up, laughing, and ran all the way back to shore. He gave me a big high five, saying you did it! I was delighted!

Now that I knew how, I did it two or three more times, laughing and squealing with delight.

But then a funny thing happened: my legs weren't cold any more. I enjoyed the crystal clear water, looking at the beautiful red rock that turned out to be a crab. It wasn't sure what to think of me. I did my reiki and DPH from there, waist deep in freezing water. I also added extra that felt right to do.

Funny thing about energy healing...things happen. A crazy man came and cursed so loudly you could hear him across the bay. (He didn't like the change in vibration.) But then a musician came, with a name sticker badge on his shirt and a guitar. Did he play, and sweetly, anchoring in the Light.

The kindness of this man that showed me how to enjoy Canadian ocean water will stay with me my whole life. I found it incredibly healing. Know that when you are a healer, there is still room for healing YOU. Enjoy it when it happens.

This man and his wife have four young children, a dog, and financial stress. But what he chose to give of his heart, joy and self to me today was priceless. I got to swim!


Reiki Doc