Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monopoly and Duality

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Last night was game night. My oldest son is wild about the game, just like I was the same age. We pulled out the game box, set it up, and all began to play. There are two house rules I always insist on whenever I play a game of Monopoly: I am the banker and I am the dog.

'Why are you always the banker, Mommy?' the kids asked

'I don't know, it is because it always has been.' and my mind went back to childhood, with my friends, knowing I was smart and always making me banker because the game played out faster that way.

'I don't like being banker' my seven-year old Reiki Master boy said, 'when I am at school everyone is like, give me my money!'

As we played, I was acutely aware of the damaging potential that is built into this children's game:

1)  It was built by people who really play like this and control our lives without one flicker of guilt
For the Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Astors, and the Rothschilds, back in the day, real money was like Monopoly Money.

2)  The controlling power of money is reinforced by role-playing in the game
Your choices are limited due to the ability to generate cash flow. It is a combination of cleverness and luck and experience. Look at who buys Boardwalk and Park Place all the time 'to win'. They 'bought it', the Duality paradigm, hook, line and sinker.

3)  Duality is reinforced by playing this game
There is a winner and a loser. The feelings evoked by losing are all the same as in real-life. My oldest has gone from a 'winner' mentality, buying whatever he landed on,  mortgaging everything in sight, and never being afraid, to a 'loser' mentality who internalizes poverty and eyes my big stack of money and says, 'I wish I was rich like you!' This is exactly the attitude that the game is designed to create! I know because it did the same in me, when I was seven, and my cousins badly beat me every time I played.
Why try? It won't make a difference?

4)  For the sneaky parent, math skills and financial skills can be gained by kids that play this game
The mental calculations to pay for, get change back, and double the rent when you own all the properties of the same color ARE a good feature of Monopoly.

5) The Social Class System is reinforced by playing the game
The Baltic and Mediterranean properties to the Boardwalk and Park Place ones represent a Duality mentality--some have to be poor so that others can be rich.

6)  People who play the game are at risk of being led to believe 'greed is good'
The goal is to win, right? And it feels good to win, doesn't it? Well, that kind of feeling can take root and lead to some pretty unpleasant karma. Life is not a game.

7)  As a multi-dimensional parent, I called the game when there was financial 'check-mate' to one of the children. I refused to let this vulnerable child go through the agony of actually losing in front of the family. I called it. Game OVER! I think this is what our Galactic Family is doing for us today. Inspiring us to imagine the end to the financial tyranny, put the game away, and give each other a hug.

And then all of us, Galactics, Agarthans and Terrestrials, can go hug Gaia together.

Please note that the electronic version of Monopoly, available for like, ninety-nine cents, is not as Duality based when it is played against the computer. The children and I team up against the computer character. It actually builds esteem because we laugh together at 'the imaginary entity' that is our opponent. It is available for iPad. Math skills are completely lost, and financial education goes by the wayside, but in Spirit, the game is superior to the original.

Both games allow a caring parent to spend quality time with their kids. Just know how to tweak it, so that the subtle mind-control that is directed at innocent people, especially children, is addressed in the play of the game.

In my opinion, board games generations back were like apps are to us now: fun, interesting, and easy to get. But the insight I have from my perception, is that there can be subtle psychological 'catches' built into them where nobody might suspect they are being exploited on some level by wanting to play.

Think of 'gaming' and the 'casino entertainment industry' for one far end of the spectrum in this regard.

You are a Child of God, and with this title comes all the ability to manifest whatever prosperity and abundance you desire. Yesterday I manifested free waffle fries, free root beer, and free samples of Wisconsin Frozen Custard.  All I had to do was imagine how great it would be to have some fries I saw, and the Universe filled up the rest to my delight!


Reiki Doc

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