Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fifth Dimension Attractiion

I was sent a humorous link to a certain Craig's List letter from a twenty-five year old New Yorker who was 'attractive, intelligent and had a lot to offer' who was wondering why she could not find a man who makes five hundred K to marry. Someone in that category replies, stating that 'his money was an appreciating commodity while her beauty was a rapidly depreciating commodity. He wanted to lease, affording him an easy out once her beauty started to fade."

In every bit of humor, there is a kernel of truth. So I thought about it a while. Here is what I have to say:

This is very third dimensional
Do you sense the 'looking out for number one'? How about the emphasis on money? I suspect the woman is looking out for her future children?

This is advertising-driven society
He wants a lady on the street and a freak in the bed with no commitment. She wants a comfortable life, a beautiful wedding, the end of a romantic chick-flick. He wants sexual action and a trophy on his arm.

This makes all plain women and normally employed men disempowered
What about a forty year old woman making seven hundred K? Why even bother to compete in the gene pool?

It is time to let all that go. As a physician, and having seen EVERYTHING, I would like to ask the following questions:

To the woman
How do you think you are going to look when you keep wearing all that make up years later when you are in the OR? And those breast augmentations when everything else has, ahem, laxity of the skin? Will that perkiness be an asset or an aberration?

To the man
Don't you know what women say behind your back? When you marry money you earn every penny.  At some point you are going to be looking for a nurse or a purse to take care of you in your old age. Is your commodity of money in light of declining health an asset to you or perhaps a means to riches to somebody who cares more for your money than for you?

This is what I see in Relationship, and always have, for I am not in Duality and never have been in the Relationship department:

To the prospective partner
My heart is the most valuable thing I have. Will you care for it? My soul is going to mix with yours and yours with mine when we are intimate. Are you going to bring out the best and add to my Spirit?
Lovers have made the comment to me in the past that while We are intimate, 'you are glowing'. Can you handle it if my fifth dimension comes out and I do indeed glow? I can channel Anna Nicole Smith in bed if you wish. I can consciously channel her at any time. I have seen a lover's face transform into something different in bed. This is the same way my face has looked like someone else's in psychic development circle. The features change without our being aware of it. Can you handle my energy in all it's forms?

To anyone graduating from Duality 
Know that you are Gods and Goddesses in your own right. Through lovemaking each of you experience the Divine in the only combination possible that is both of you. Angels are present, as they were inthree d and still are in five, to assist you to find the most energetically favorable connections, in every position, in every movement, in every shared breath. You may think you are alone, but in fact you are not. And everything is going in the Akashic Records!

It is not for neophytes, the energy that is released through the act of sex. Whether there is passion or heat-connect, it is much more important on a higher level than the crapola that is on Craig's list.


Reiki Doc