Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Healing Rock

Last year, on a whim, I decided to take the family someplace I had never been before but always wanted to go. Although initially I thought about Vancouver, in my trip planning, Victoria BC resonated more with my heart. And as I looked through hotels, one stood out above the rest so I took it.

The flight up to the Pacific Northwest was delightful! We got into our room, and then made our way out to the water. Wild blackberries gave me joy, as there had always been blackberries in the yard growing up. At the water, something compelled me to take off my shoes, sit on a rock, and put my feet in.

Frankly I was so exhausted I was burning out. Something happened when I put my feet in the icy water. I felt compassion. I felt healing. I felt hope. One of the kids even massaged my feet, for five dollars Canadian money.

That night in the hotel, I felt a pair of eyes watching me. A presence of a First Nations spirit. I didn't say anything.

The kids started seeing it too. We called him Chief. Over the course of the holiday, our past lives came out. For me, it was not good: I was the daughter of the Chief, who was bright and eager to learn but was denied education because she was not a male. Furthermore, she almost died in childbirth, with her father saving her life emergently but no children or even hopes of them ever again. Not woman, not man...just tortured. We did a ceremony on the rock, the family. And I let it go.

We are here now. chief is back. And I am healing on a very deep level.

Feet in the water, on this rock that we have since learned was known for its healing properties. This time I saw clearly how spent I had been one year ago! And how now is better.

I have to share part of the deepest healing. It is personal, and almost embarrassing. For the last three weeks, I could not get enough of the song One Thousand Years. I keep playing it, driven by something of Spirit.

There was a wedding today at the hotel. We watched and I gave Reiki. I saw how they were young, And I was not in my twenties. I gave them the Transition Symbol, strengthening the heart and mind to give them a chance at the happiness I have not experienced in partnership and in Love. I wanted to give them the best wedding gift of all, of Harmony and Light. To total strangers, for free, without recognition, for I am part French, part Italian, and though I try to hide it,am a true romantic at heart.

She walked down the aisle, in all her female beauty, to the song One Thousand Years. "Mom! It's your song!" the kids said. I started bawling. I picked up on this moment unconsciously weeks in advance, and was drawn to the song to emphasize the importance of this moment.

I realized that in my trip last year, I had learned only half the lesson. It was not finished.

Chief came right at that moment, and said, 'You are a princess and have royal blood in your veins. This is not changed by your ability to have children. Or get married. The royalty of your bloodline in our tribal nation, as long as you live, rightly belongs to you. Never forget this.'

She was the one who,out of pain and suffering, set me up for this life as a doctor and healer that is self-sufficient. It was the residual pain from that lifetime that made me beat the Indian doll that I was given as a child, and yell at it and hate it for weeks, only to relent, open my heart and love her as my favorite one I still remember to this day. It was she who had the name White Bird Dove, the Shaman told me twenty years ago.She was the one who guided me to this place, after our Kona Village got uninhabitable after the Tsunami of March 2011. And it was she who patiently waited an extra year for me to grow enough, to heal the wound completely in my soul from that life.

I look forward to the rest of this teaching trip.

Remember, I have told my story for you to understand the workings of the spirit that take many lifetimes. As you near ascension, similar clearing of the past lives may pop up into your here and now. Work with them. They are very important. Let the healing take place, no matter how long it might require. It is the nature of Heaven.


Reiki Doc