Friday, August 31, 2012

Working With Spirit: The Ups and Downs

Today was an example of the life of Spirit. To repeat an inside joke between my mother and myself about my being a doctor, 'It's not like on T.V.' The metaphysical life of a Lightworker is not all unicorns and hearts every day.

The low for the day? Spirit called me on the carpet.
I have a new friend! I have someone like me! (I have been asking for this ever since I asked for a sister...and I still haven't found someone with the right blend of Spirit, academics, and heart who can really connect...but I keep looking! I just want someone I can TALK to, that would Understand...).
I want to know my Hawaiian Name!!!
Spirit gave it.

Au'pili I channeled in. I looked it up. Pili is something that sticks to you like glue. There is a word that is close, Auipili.

That about sums it up. Drop it Girl! Spirit was saying to me. Drop it!
It took until now. And seeing something on the internet that makes me think--it takes two to want to be friends. And I have to own my not being on my own two feet right now. I will go on and live my own life. All the way to Ascension, with the company of my kids, and nobody else. No unicorns. Except me. And certainly no hearts either : ( .

Sometimes when Spirit teaches the toughest lesson, when Spirit calls you on the carpet, mentally, physically, psychically, emotionally,  Spirit  senses it has crossed the line with you. That you have had enough lessons for the day. That one more push and in fact you will Give Up. They stop. They give it time.

And then they Make It Up To You.

As I was journaling, a new thought came in: we have two bodies that are superimposed upon each other.

There is an energetic body that cannot be measured, that cannot be seen. Furthermore, we create a steady beam of electricity with our hearts. We live in an ocean of electricity. That is how we are all connected.

Conventional medicine misses the point. We have squashed cells to the point of putting chunks of meat into the blender in order to extract mitochondrial RNA. That makes you never want to eat again, it is so gross and disgusting! We have every speck of the body, human or laboratory animal, dissected under the scope. The movement of life within the body is taught as Physiology. Electrophysiology would be only pertaining to the conduction system of the heart. (Heart Math is the more metaphysical aspect)

But in my mind's eye, I saw it: the Light body, a total duplicate of our shape, size, and age, interpenetrating the cells and tissues of our physical body. It connects to the physical body through a series of energetic transformers (to step down the energy), the chakra system and the meridians. It is like putting a driver behind the wheel of a car. The driver is in control of the vehicle. And it is the Light Body, the energetic one, that is really who we ARE.

The physical body, at the mercy of the Mind (or Ego, if you will), does not get all of the Pure Energy from our Light body--in. Belief systems, other factors, allow our Natural Creative Process of abundance and cooperation and mutual joy in the powers of creation and loving Peace, to kink like a hose in the garden. And that is where imbalance called Dis-Ease takes place in the astral plane (for lack of where this Light body is). Age and death and decay ensue, because our Physical Bodies lose their Connection to Source through the unwitting, poorly harnessed working of our Mind and Heart.

Conventional Medicine, with its emphasis on the Randomized Controlled Studies and Evidence-Based Medicine, is treating the back end of the entire process! Acupuncture and Oriental and Ayurvedic, address both the Energy and the Physical, to heal imbalance. And Reiki can heal the Soul, at the Karuna level. All of the energy medicines, and Reiki in particular, are exceptional at scanning the auric field and pinpointing sources of disease. Even a student on their first scan picked up disease, a fibroid, in me of which I was unaware. Six weeks later I was in surgery with the robot to take it out, and I have felt better ever since.

And 'never the twain shall meet', on the Natural/holistic group on the Internet who supports the Light Body, and the day to day business of Medicine that we know today. I am the exception. LOL.

Maybe they should find out what they have in common, and go forth and create an entire new discipline? I wonder if those Medicine Men from Africa, and those powerful Chiefs of the First Nations,  were on to something Right from the start? What a wonderful thought! My heart fill with hope.

Now I can erase my 'chalkboard', get some rest, and remind myself tomorrow is a brand new day.


Reiki Doc