Monday, August 27, 2012

How To Be Intuitive and Psychic

Can you drive a car? If you can, then you can be open to Higher Guidance and in step with your Life Purpose. It is as easy as this:

Get your Learner's Permit:
Here. Now you have it. You did not have to study or take a test. If you are born, you have latent talent and psychic ability. If you watch closely, children have it, over time, they forget how to use it. Now we are going to bring it back.

Take Driver's Education Class:
You learned how to drive from others who already knew how, didn't you? And your parents may have sent you to a special course, designed for you to learn exactly that--driver safety, the rules of the road, and the basics.
Similar classes exist for the Intuitive Arts. Typically they are called Psychic Development Classes. Go to one near you, and take about four classes. See what you think. Do you have a good vibe? Are you encouraged and supported? How much do they charge? Over here, we have classes for an hour and a half for twenty dollars. But there is a place down the road, that will make you commit to an extended course for two-hundred fifty dollars a month, for like, a year! Be careful, and find something that doesn't try to suck you in dollar-wise. (If you were signing up for Driver's Ed, you would comparison shop too, wouldn't you? Maybe we should go on Yelp and look under Psychic Development? ; )  )

Remember how your parents bravely helped you out behind the wheel? They got in the car with you, and put up with your mistakes, encouraging you to go on? And how with time, everything sort of came together? It was awkward at first. But everybody learns. Just like riding a bicycle! You learned that with them, right?
Your practice here in Psychic Development can take many forms. Go to crystal shops and interact with what is on display in the store. Find what resonates with you. You might be drawn to something there, and feel it is right for you. Sometimes these are tools to help you on your path. I have been guided to tarot cards, runes, and many other things. This is the best form of guidance you can have: trial and error with your own inner calling.
You might also try Circle, a psychic development where a group commits to four meetings, one a month, under the direction of a psychic development instructor. The group works together in a protected space, and open their 'eyes' to 'see' something together. Spirit is present at these meetings, too.
Another would be practice sessions at class, or a psychic fair where you can sample readings and healings.

Driver's Training:
This is when you got in the special car with one wheel and two sets of brakes with the instructor. This is where you got on the road in this specially designed vehicle. This is the one that costs the parents the most money. The one where you take like, two weeks of practice in a training setting. It is going to give you real-time experiences, not the simulator like you had in Driver's Education. You are going to need a very patient teacher. Ours used to put a plastic comb on the dash, and when we turned to fast, it would slide across the dashboard. 
Reiki is like Driver's Training. Try Reiki I. It will open you up by the power of attunement. You will be 80% open to psychic information after that class. Reiki II will open you the rest of the way. There will be some clearing out of old energetic blockages from wherever, this is called a cleanse. Any higher levels would be optional. But you are going to be exposed to psychic energy the way a new driver is taken out on the road. You can't miss it, and it will help you to feel more comfortable.

Written Driver's Test:
Remember going to the DMV, standing in line, and taking that test for real? And when you passed, they checked your vision, took a photo..and signed you up for the Driving Exam?
In Psychic Development, it's not like that at all. This is a BIG difference from my view, and is not going to make me popular with my peers in the profession. There are a lot of Certification Programs out there. The notion is that you get a stamp of approval from your teacher, so that others will know you are 'of substance'. If you are like me, and are an overachiever, you are going to be thrilled at the chance to earn another piece of paper. But, if like me, you find that there are blocks coming up right and left in your path to keep you from getting it (like my schedule at work), trust in a Higher Power that is guiding you. For me, I would have been content to be under my teacher's wing, forever! And financially, she would have liked that too. So--watch the money, don't get sucked in financially or otherwise, and listen to yourself, your inner guidance, on what is right for you. Sometimes Spirit kicks you out of the nest to make you fly on your own wings.

The Driving Exam:
On my sixteenth birthday, I aced the written but failed a portion of the driving test: backing up. I was frightened by the appearance of the examiner. He looked pale, bald, skeletal, and cachectic. There was bitemporal wasting and he really looked like he was either on the way to or freshly dug out of the grave. Fortunately, backing up only deducts six points. I aced everything else, I passed and I got my license that day!
There is no license you can show to anyone for psychic gift. They will see you on the road, using your skills, and with time it will become just as effortless as taking to the road. You just turn the key, and GO wherever it is you want to go. And fortunately, in the psychic world, there is no such thing as traffic! Just follow your heart, and listen to it. Adapt. And soon you will be happily driving through Life as we know it!


Reiki Doc